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Jessy Lanza and Teen @ 7th Street Entry

May 10, 2014



An all-girl band with a buzzing reputation from their last Minneapolis show held the crowd in a trance from start to finish. These ladies knew how to put together a set-list. From recordings to a live setting, they almost became a different genre with the vigor they played with. “Not for Long” a popular song off their new album The Way and Color, had extra kick in it for the live version, morphing from a smooth dessert into a spicy entrée. Equally as important was their perfect hair, which should be in catalogues for coolness. 

In essence, there needs to be more girl bands in the world. But who comes to this type of show? Certainly not an entirely female audience. A friendly crowd member joked that every demographic was represented, but only by one individual, a statement that surprisingly held more water than one would think. Everyone came to this show.

They behaved like a quartet, always following each other, always speaking to each other through music, becoming a united group of melodic thoughts combining as one. This connection may have something to do with the fact that three of these ladies are sisters. I could have listened to TEEN for another hour, especially if there were more delicious descending scales. Teeny Lieberson mentioned the possibility of the group moving from New York, but declared Minnesota too cold. So if everyone could trick them into thinking that our winters are not abysmal, it would be much appreciated.



Jessy Lanza is an electronic conductor with a passion for R&B trained in jazz and classical music. These things mixed wonderfully, from the opening whirlwind of electric gurgles to deep droning bass sustained through almost the entire performance.
The simplicity of her set would make some musicians weep with jealousy, as I imagine the levels of travel frustration increase with the number of instruments. All she had was a computer and a few synths. That said, the amount of volume and musical flesh she was able to create with just a few electronics was solemnly fantastic.

At one point she requested the base be boosted, which is never a good sign for those without earplugs and always a good sign for pure-jams. This was the point of the night where anyone feeling sleepy from their long week was splashed with sound waves.
I am always excited to hear inter-song-banter. Her style focused more on the music than much interaction with the audience, but she made a few quips. My favorite was when she said she felt like a tool standing behind the stage waiting for her encore. Props for pre-encore wit. In essence, the R&B driven musician was having a blast and so was her audience.

Eva Moe