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June 2022

Night Moves 11.26.21

Nov 27, 2021

Night Moves, a local favorite, has been keeping busy these past few months since live music started up again. Their first concert back was at the Turf Club in St. Paul, and they have been playing different music festivals and pop-up shows around the U.S. and the Twin Cities area since. However, all of those shows seemed to lead up to the show they put on Black Friday at the Fine Line Music Cafe. They seemed a bit more comfortable and crisp than they were at the Turf Club earlier in the summer, and they came with the intention to put on one of the best shows they have played on Minnesota soil. One notable aspect of every Night Moves shows is that they play a unique setlist each time. A fan is always pleasantly surprised to find out what songs they will decide to play and the order of the setlist. In my opinion, the night of November 26th was the golden setlist in terms of the energy of both the fans and the band members. 


The intro of Ribboned Skies echoed throughout the venue as the fans awaited John Pelant and the rest of the band to come on stage. Right as the band runs on stage, the crowd electrifies as they start to shred their guitars to officially start the show. John reveals the range of his pipes, along with his passion for his craft that could be felt from the front row to the baloney. As the show continued on, it was obvious that Night Moves was a seriously talented group of individuals, as each song never sounded like a copy & paste from their recorded music. For example, bassist Mickey Alfano was given some freedom with his bass on Waiting For The Symphony after the Chrous to add some more groove to the song. Also, on the song Headlights, the first track off their debut album, they added multiple different layers and new sounds that people cannot get off just listening on Spotify. Only at a live Night Moves show can fans receive the pleasure to hear how they are able to evolve their songs. 


Sometimes in the middle of some artists’ sets, shows can reach a lull period in which there is a lack of commitment from the crowd. Not Night Moves. As the show went on, the crowd never lost focus or interest in what the band was doing or playing; mostly because they decided to plan all of the fan favorites in a row right in the middle of the show. Starting with Hiding in the Melody, the whole crowd shouted the first line of the song “WHERE ARE YOU GOING”, with John. This seven-minute song never fails to excite the crowd as it is easy to sing along with and is basically seven minutes of Night Moves showing off what they are capable of on guitar, bass, and drums. The singing along aspect of the show continued as they played Denise, Don’t Wanna See you Cry which transitioned beautifully into Border on Border as the next song in their set. 


The dynamic of Night Moves is a joy to see. They all seem to have fun with each other on stage and work with each other to make sure the night runs smoothly. They all were smiling throughout the show, and sometimes even singing along with John while he was in his zone. At moments they would look at one another and give each other the “This is fricking awesome” look. Mickey tipped his hat to the lead guitarist Charlie before they were about to play their most streamed song, Colored Emotions. Charlie just laughed and they both jumped right into it waiting for the crowds’ reaction. 


One of the best moments was when they played their newest single, Fallacy Actually. The whole venue went dark in preparation for them to perform their newest song for the first time post-release. The place lit up as soon as the drum stick hit the cymbals. Only a select people in the crowd actually knew the new song, but that didn’t matter as it had its impact on the whole venue. It was special to see that the fans of this local band didn’t need to know every song or word for them to enjoy the concert.  They all just shared a deep love for what Night Moves does. 


No show is complete without its encore. After the crowd viciously chanted “ENCORE, ENCORE, ENCORE!” for two minutes straight, the band slid back on stage to close out the night. Fans knew what songs they were missing. There were mummers in the crowd of “Mexico”, and “Only To Live In Your Memoires”. Sure enough, those two songs were played, leaving the Fine Line with a group of happy Night Moves fans ready to listen to more when they got home and look on their calendar to see when they will be performing again in the Twin Cities.