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Mazy Fly

Northside Festival Day 2 Recap & Review

Jun 09, 2018

Yesterday (June 8th) was the second day of Northside Music Fest and I spent virtually all of it at the Queen of the Scene showcase at Muchmore’s, which consisted of approximately 800 other bands. That’s an exaggeration. There were actually 14 bands, which may sound like a lot, because it really, really is.

While a 14 band bill is inevitably exhausting, the environment was very comfortable, and the room was filled with tons of talent. The lineup included Gustaf, Tongues Unknown, Blushed, Secret Nudist Friends, Mouton, Services, Gesserit, Winnebago Vacation, Plain Dog, Candy Ambulance, Low Anxiety, Grim Streaker, Sharkmuffin, and THICK. A lot of the bands that played are local to Brooklyn, with a few exceptions, and overall, all of the show-goers felt like a tight-knit community. The showcased welcomed me and other out-of-towners into the underground Brooklyn DIY scene with open arms.


Low Anxiety’s performed a particularly standout set. They are self-described as “sweat soaked drama-rock” with a stage presence that reminded me of one of my favorite MPLS groups, STNNNG. Their frontman, Harris Karlin, writes all of the music and does so brilliantly, plus he has a stage persona that is both ironic and very engaging. Seriously, you’ll want to check out this group.


Sharkmuffin is another group I was looking forward to hearing. Fun fact: their singer, Tarra Theissen, used to be in a band called ‘Ex-Girlfriends’ that played around Minneapolis frequently. NPR describes Sharkmuffin as either “the most glam garage band around or the grungiest glam band around”. They take influence from 50s-60s pop and 90s grunge and combine those to make a very interesting brand of glam-grunge, which you can hear for yourself on their record Chartreuse



The final group of the night was a band called THICK, who has been getting a lot of buzz, especially after their tour with Diarrhea Planet. They are a pop-punk band that is influenced by the Riot Grrrl movement as well as 90’s pop-punk, such as early blink-182. Their songs are catchy and full of energy, and have no problem getting the crowd moving. These gals always make sure that their crowd is rowdy, and are eager to start mosh pits. In short, their shows are very fun, involve a lot of movement, and a lot of spilled beer. If you have a camera (like I did), be careful.

Overall, I know that I gave you a long long list of bands and checking all of them out could seem overwhelming, BUT all of these bands absolutely rip. If you are in a music lull, or if you aren't, give them a listen. You can thank me later. 

Sylvia Jennings