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Cate Le Bon


Feb 23, 2018



Their lyrics punchy and bombastic, their guitars dirtied and rough with each chord, the supergroup of Minneapolis-based musicians, composed of Laura Larson, Bree Meyer, Danielle Cusack, and Stephanie Jo Murck come together to provide an anguished, fed-up setlist full of postmodern irritation at the current state of the world. It was especially fun to see Murck on stage again after seeing her perform lead vocals for her other band, Sass, during First Ave’s Best New Bands of 2017 event back in January. Here, as in Sass, there is a sense of empowered, righteous frustration at how things are, and how those things might be changed through music.

Spirit of the Beehive


Spirit of the Beehive​, beneath honeyed melodies and ambient lyricism, possessed a dreamlike quality to their set. The band, indeed, was a physical enigma unto itself, the soft-spoken, gentle musings of the vocalis were psychically embodied with the other members of the band to create a strange connection between the ostensible separation between audience and band. Inside the notes and soft chords were hints of Arcade Fire and a bit of the Flaming Lips for added flavor.



The headliner PALM​, meanwhile, was firmly on the spectrum of psychedelic rock/experimental pop. It was as if shoegaze was smashed with a brick and then stapled back together with discordant guitar riffs, unexpected key shifts, and underwater vocal effects. All the while accompanied by an energetic stage presence wherein Eve Alpert, Kasra Kurt, Gerasimos Livitsanos, and Hugo Stanley blasted the venue with an unpolished, raw sound. There’s a true sincerity to it all, none of the members trained in their instruments but making up for it with passion and vivacity that echoed throughout the crowd. The intimacy of 7th Street Entry brought together an enthusiastic collective whose individuals members couldn’t help but sway and twist to the frayed, unfermented beats that PALM provided with its eclectic mixture of rock and reggae-inspired tunes. Their latest record, Rock Island, was released just earlier this month and showcases the same at times jarring, yet honest, eccentricity.


Joe Cunningham

Photos by Sylvia Jennings