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Pony Bwoy @ The Triple Rock

Jan 31, 2014

It was a great time getting to see Vacation Dad, K Raydio and Psymun, Chiffon, and Pony Bwoy at the Triple Rock.


Going to any show at the Triple Rock is always an entertaining experience due to the size of the venue, and last Friday’s show was not any different. It was a great time getting to see Vacation Dad, K Raydio and Psymun, Chiffon, and Pony Bwoy. Vacation Dad had a great opening set and really got everyone in the crowd ready for the rest of the show by setting the bar super high with a great performance, and making everyone in the room want to get up and dance around.



Then came K Raydio and Psymun. Now I was pumped for these two because I had been hearing and playing them a ton on the K lately, and they had even come in for an in-studio not that long ago that I was really impressed by. Of course they didn’t disappoint by putting on a very soulful, yet energetic show. Psymun does a great job of picking out just the right beats, while Krysta Rayford flexes her killer pipes (and I’m not talking about her biceps) and sings with such an awesome amount of power that you can’t help but get drawn in.



To start the next set off, there was the electro-duo called Chiffon, who, unfortunately, I had never heard of before. But let me tell you, they blew me off my feet with their performance. I was expecting some of your run of the mill synth and harmony sort of gig, but the just completely caught me by surprise. I was immediately up and dancing to all of their tunes, and had to spend a long time once I got home that night to find some of their music on Youtube. On a side note, the inner nerd in me would like to come out and give a compliment as well. Whoever’s idea it was to have a distorted version of Akira going on in the background of Chiffon’s show is a friggin’ genius! I was just having a huge nerd fit in the corner of the floor seeing that that was on, and it made me enjoy Chiffon’s set even more.



Last, but certainly not least, my beloved Pony Bwoy came onstage. I had discovered Pony Bwoy very recently in our new music section at Radio K, and had been featuring them a lot lately, and once I finally saw that they were headlining a show at the Triple Rock I just had to go. And let me just say, they ab-so-lutely killed it! They had so much raw energy on stage that there wasn’t a single person in the crowd that wasn’t rocking along with the music. Everyone in the audience was going nuts, but nowhere near as nuts Jeremy Nutzman (like the pun???) he was just overflowing with energy, giving a great closing to a great show.

Mervin Moorhead