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Post Animal @ the Entry!

Jul 01, 2018

It was a sweltering Saturday night at 7th Street Entry, and Midwestern bands Stanley, Slow Pulp, and Post Animal gathered together to play a show.


Local band Stanley opened up the night with some glossy, dreamy tunes and Mac-Demarco-esque guitar effects. The basslines were catchy, nostalgic, and the perfect vibes for a crowd just starting to roll in and begin their night. The band consisted of five young men, sporting two guitars, a bass, drums, and a keyboard. Two of them were wearing hats. Some fashion-forward folks, if you ask me.


Next up was Slow Pulp, a band from our Rival Town of Madison, Wisconsin. This band contained the only female musician of the night, although she did not have the longest head of hair. The dream punk band kept things psychedelic and energetic with beautiful vocals and shifting rhythms from dreamy to frantic. More and more people were filtering in at this point in anticipation for the headlining band, Post Animal.


Finally, Post Animal took the stage. All five of these young men had hair longer than mine, and they laid it on thick with the 1970’s vibes. The Chicago band started out the evening no-nonsense, each member intently focused on his instrument, executing flawless and drastic tempo changes. The set was broken up by some goofing off and sweet sentiments thrown at the crowd from the band members. They truly seemed to appreciate everyone there; one of them even threw an extra bottle of water out into the crowd.

While they were all great musicians, the drummer really stuck out to me. Through his awesome fills and rhythms reminiscent of heavy metal bands, the crowd was headbanging up a storm. However, while Post Animal might incorporate some heavy metal rhythms, their psychedelic guitar effects and perfect harmonizing add for a layer of dreaminess and haziness that seemed to fill the air of the 7th Street Entry, and not just from the heat.

Rachel Parks
Photos by Alexa Koch