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Flying Lotus


Apr 30, 2018


Last night at the 7th Street Entry Freak Heat Waves and the Preoccupations played to a packed audience. Freak Heat Waves started their set by queing up tracks on a sample pad, only to have the rest of the band come in shortly after. Their melodies were moody and stoic and they were accompanied by constant pressing rhythms with the only changes typically being the guitar and vocals. As they droned on they continued to use the sample pad to manipulate certain sound effects that would boom, out of nowhere, out into the audience. The Freak Heat Waves were a great opener for the Preoccupations, their tones were similar but their style and how they executed the music is what set them apart.


When the Preoccupations took to the stage, they didn't say a word and immediately jumped into their first song. I had not seen them prior to this and I always knew they were a moody band, but I did not know the extent of how wonderfully atmospheric they could be. Watching them perform it was clear that they were all on the same page at every given moment and that they were all in it for the minor details of the music. Focusing on minor details such as a tamborine part here or a transition drum fil there makes so much of a difference in the live setting. You often could just close your eyes during their set and the difference between what you were hearing and what you would listen to with headphones was indistinguishable. I could go on about how much I love their use of interesting textures and rhythms or how they were able to use volume to create these massive landscapes but I honestly believe that you need to see these musicians in action for yourself, as my words cannot do their artistry justice.