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October 2022

Princess Nokia 10.15.21

Oct 16, 2021

Close your eyes. Take a moment to imagine a wonderland - a mystical pixie land growing out of First Avenue’s main stage. Giant, billowing flowers hanging from the ceiling and monstrous mushrooms sprouting next to a smiling DJ. Blue and purple lights reflecting off of glow-in-the-dark outfits of dancers enticing the audience with every new dance move. Long, flowing dresses sashaying across the seemingly unworldly stage; a place filled with wonder and beauty and inclusion, a place that seems almost too good to be true. Princess Nokia’s “Bloom” tour made its way to First Avenue’s main stage on Oct. 15, and within seconds of walking onto the checkered dance floor, it was as if you were picked up and dropped into another world. Well, another world that had its walls shaking with bass.

From her first official album release in 2017, Princess Nokia has created an open, confident, safe-space for all listeners of her music. From one of her first breakthrough songs “Tomboy,” released in 2017, to her most recent single with Yung Baby Tate, “Boys Are From Mars,” Princess Nokia has been preaching about the importance of self-worth and, for lack of a better phrase, being a bad b*tch. Jumping onto the stage in a plaid mini skirt, bright blue spandex and bunny ears bouncing on top of her head, Princess Nokia had a cartoon-like persona on stage that couldn’t help but make the audience smile. Her stage presence had the room bouncing along with her Cartoon Network worthy performance, and the connection between her and the audience was palpable. The pixie-turned-rapper spent 20 minutes talking to the audience, mentioning how she liked the hair styles and outfits of lots of folks on the floor, and took photos of some of her favorite outfits in the crowd. Her ability to form connections with her fans is inspiring and the love she has for her fans is almost as distinct as the smoke-tinged air that filled First Avenue’s main room on Friday night.

“[This show] is for all bodies, all sexes, all shapes-ez and they’re coming from all different places!” She sang out to the crowd, explaining that everyone was welcomed to her shows - “ravers, goth kids, non-bianary family, dolls and kens.” With her inclusive lyrics,

booming bass, dream-like stage production and love for her fans, Princess Nokia’s “Bloom” tour was the perfect way to transcend to another universe.

by Carly Quast