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Real Estate @ The Fine Line

Mar 28, 2014

Real Estate and Pure X rocked the Fine Line on 3/26/14 for an amazing night filled with electric energy.

The promise of spring, and a stellar album release, had surf pop fans flocking to the Fine Line Wednesday evening for the highly anticipated Minneapolis stop of Real Estate's Atlas tour, featuring the laid back sound of  Austin band Pure X who straddle the border between surf and shoegaze. It was up to these bands to transport the huge audience into the summer days and suburban angst that are the hallmarks of their art.



Pure X has a really beautiful sonic texture. Replacing the standard electric rhythm guitar for an acoustic throughout their set, Pure X has a heavily modulated instrumental sound which provided an excellent base for the  dreamy harmonies which were being traded constantly around the band. The bass was the guiding force, reverberating deeply throughout their set. Audience members were brought to silent appreciation, slowly drifting away in musical appreciation with lead singer and guitarist Nate Grace's voice as their guide. Pure X's ability to float somewhere in between surf and shoegaze gave an awesome niche music experience that is unique among the surf bands they are often lumped with. They're also awesome people, and stayed after the show to chat with their fans new and old.



Real Estate seemed surprised by the huge turnout for their show. Breaking into huge smiles after their first few songs, and sharing content grins between each other. Real Estate made sure the audience knew that they were having “a lot of fun.” Music from their new album Atlas was featured throughout the set, playing nearly the entirety of the album by the end of the evening. There was a definitive style change between Atlas and the rest of their music, related to its more serious nature. Songs from Atlas were an intimate experience centered around Martin Courtney's beautifully sung lyrics, and the contemplative guitar and keyboard solos which have come to define their sound, but their older music was a absolute blast, perfectly implementing a keyboard to the old favorites. As time went on Real Estate threw off the professional persona they opened with, and transitioned into a crowd pleasing machine revealing a never before heard song, making audibles to their set list on a whim, and returning for an encore in which they played a tasteful George Harrison cover, and finished up the concert with “It's Real,” the entirety of the audience joining them on the chorus without a prompt. It was obvious to everyone how much fun Real Estate had returning to the Fine Line, having played there during the tour for their first album, and they promised the grateful audience a swift return.

Mikey Wambach