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Show Me the Body 8/3

Aug 06, 2019


Hailing from New York, Show Me The Body is known for the heavy, politically charged music and their intense live shows. In support of their latest project, Dog Whistle, they’ve been showing frenzied audiences around the country what they’re all about: cathartic violence, anti-corporatism, and shredding the banjo.

Show Me The Body started their set with the opener from Dog Whistle, “Camp Orchestra”. The energy in their recorded music is already palpable. In a live setting it’s an earthquake. A locomotive barreling through all and causing tremors for a 20-mile radius. It’s hard not to mosh along to Julian Cashwan Pratt’s guttural vocals or bassist Harlan Steed’s dark and trembling bass. At some points in the show, I found myself standing in awe of their frenetic and passionate performance. It’s clear that Show Me The Body puts their all into their lyrics and their live performance.


After Show Me The Body left the stage, a strange calm swept over the packed crowd in the 7th St. Entry. We were no longer strangers. We knew each other on a level that few relationships will ever reach. We saw the animal in each other. The destructive menace that lives inside of us all and relishes in the opportunity to let loose in a controlled environment, like a mosh pit. A new sense of unity connected each audience member. I’m sure that being covered in each other’s sweat and throwing each other around like wrestlers in a cage match helped to bond the crowd.

Written by Julian Green

Show Photo by Eleanore Stevenson