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Slow Magic + Giraffage @ The Varsity

Nov 30, 2015

The So Cute Tour combines the energetic, primal electro-chillwave of Slow Magic and the adorable, bassy beats of Giraffage. The two artists trade off who headlines every night, leading Slow Magic to ambitiously support Giraffage in his self-described “poppy nonsense” at the Varsity Theater on November 29.

Slow Magic


On tour, Slow Magic maintains anonymity behind a neon, multi-colored deer mask. This facade only enhances his performances as he blends his saturated electronic rhythms with pounding and animalistic live drumming. Backed with a pulsing light show, Slow Magic’s percussion is something to behold as he drums over his already thunderous music. Twice the musician grabbed his snare drum and made his way into the crowd to bring the rhythm as close to people as possible. It's hard not to dance along when Slow Magic is so passionate about sharing himself with his fans.



Giraffage, aka Charlie Yin, was just as intense about his set when he took the stage. Appropriate with tour title, his Electro Dream Pop DJ set was punctuated with soundbytes of popular culture, iPhone ringtones, and Drake’s Hotline Bling to make a cute, albeit fierce show. The crowd was absolutely in love with the the massive screen backing the artist as it flashed emojis and dog videos to make for a show that was energetic and even funny at times. In Giraffage’s encore, Slow Magic joined him on stage to perform their collaborative song So Cute! in an animated conclusion.

Alec Lossiah