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October 2022

Small Black & Snowmine @ The Turf Club

Apr 07, 2014

Small Black, Snowmine, and Aaron & the Sea put on a night of crazy good music at the Turf Club on April 4, 2014, and everyone there knew it.



Saturday night at the Turf Club looked like any other bar would at 9 pm, filled with people sitting around, chatting, enjoying drinks. But then local band Aaron and the Sea came on stage, and the scene transformed. About one minute into their first song, people were migrating towards the stage, mesmerized by the immersive bass and already energetic performance. Something about the way the lead singer was holding the mic, moving to the beat, and wearing his baseball cap backwards, led me to expect him to start rapping at any moment. I’m pleased he didn’t, because his singing was  somehow simultaneously haunting and poppy. Aaron and the sea played a cover of Lykke Li’s “Little Bit,” which they totally captured in their own electronic, dreamy way.



By the time the Brooklyn-based Snowmine started their set, the majority of the crowd was standing near the stage in anticipation. The band took advantage of the crowd’s attentiveness and didn’t hold back. The amount of passion and honesty that came through in every one of the five and members’ performance was incredible. The anxious drumbeat, impressive musicianship, and genuineness made for a rich experience. Due to their well crafted, catchy tunes, Snowmine had no problem getting the crowd to move during any of their songs.



The Turf Club was brimming with energy at this point, and when Small Black started to play, the place early exploded. While watching singer Josh Kolenik, I had the suspicion that he had a background in acting or dance, because he was extraordinarily at capturing an audience. Kolenik was constantly looking up and out at the audience with a wonderfully expressive face, just as I had been trained to do in my dance years. If you ever wonder what the polar opposite of a shoegaze frontman looks like, go see Small Black. The band played both old and new songs, with equal levels of enthusiasm. Aaron and the Sea and Snowmine set up a mood that Small Black continued and enhanced, making for quite an entertaining, feel-good night.

Karliljn Holzenthal