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Mazy Fly

Spoon & Grizzly Bear

Jul 01, 2018


Spoon was one of the very first indie/alternative bands that caught my eye. They’ve never disappointed me and their music always seems to resonate with me on a level that no other band has. My favorite albums are They Want My Soul and Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. While it’s impossible to pick just one favorite track, some of the songs that stick out to me the most are “New York Kiss,” “First Caress,” and “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb.”

One of the reasons that makes Spoon so undeniably good is their ability to work together as a band. Hearing them play, whether it’s live or recorded, it’s almost as if they are one single human being. They rely on each other’s distinctive skills which in turn can arguably make them one of the most reliable bands in the last 20 years.

Their latest album, Hot Thoughts, came out last spring. This time, Spoon seemed to switch gears and the softer, poppy, dancey vibes that were hinted at in They Want My Soul come out in full swing. Prince can be seen as influenced in their newest tracklist and lyrics alluding to our country’s current political state can be heard in some of the songs as well. All in all, Hot Thoughts offers listeners a newer, more modern sounding album that leaves fans wanting more.

Spoon have been going on tour for the better part of the last year and a half. I had the opportunity to seem them play at the Palace Theatre and I was beyond thrilled by their performance. Minneapolis has great music taste and so it was no surprise that Spoon decided to stop by the Twin Cities once more. Playing at Surly Bar along with Grizzly Bearand Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Spoon didn’t disappoint once again.

Grizzly Bear is the other indie/alternative band that played along with Spoon. Their newest album, The Now Now, just came out last Friday. While perhaps just a little more poppy and groovy, Grizzly Bear and Spoon complimented each other well.

Grizzly Bear started out the night strong. The rain miraculously stayed away and everyone was able to spread out on the field. With the sun reflecting off the stage, fans were cheering the entire time. Full of energy, Grizzly Bear played songs off their newest album, Painted Ruins, and of course all their hits. After playing some of my favorites like “Mourning Sound,” they ended with “Two Weeks.” Grizzly Bear thanked First Ave and Surly allowing my friend and I to grab some ice cream and to wait anxiously for Spoon.

With the sun setting, the field cooled off and everyone eagerly waited for Spoon to come on stage. When they finally appeared, the crowd erupted with joy and excitement. Mostly playing their older hits, Britt Daniel and the band kept up their amazing energy and played their hearts out. Multiple times, Daniel would rock out on his guitar with his knees on the ground. All of the band members seemed to enjoy themselves despite the heat and the crowd was certainly having a great time. The songs that stood out the most to me were “Turn My Camera On,” “Rent I Pay,” “Knock Knock Knock,” Jonathon Fisk,” “Can I Sit Next To You” and “Hot Thoughts.” All of their songs were brilliantly played, however, and the night seemed to end too soon. Britt Daniel thanked the Twin Cities and encouraged the crowd that even though times were tough in this country right now, we could all make a difference and keep pushing forward. They ended the night with a bang and while a good chunk of us waited for an encore, Spoon was done playing for the night. What a great band... I’m so glad I got to see them! Thanks for a great time Grizzly Bear and Spoon!!

PC: Alex Woelfel

I managed to snag the last signed LP!

Marina Lundell