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Straya w/Goodnight Gorillas, Burn Fetish, and Falling Interview and Concert Review

Apr 01, 2016

Goodnight Gorillas


Goodnight Gorillas, an up and coming four piece band from Minneapolis debuted a few new songs during their show at the Triple Rock on March 31st. Both the bands new and old material has essences of progressive and indie rock, however the Band's keyboardist and drummer adds a distinct Badbadnotgood Esque fresh jazzy tone to their sound. For the duration of the show the band's frontman Joe Graves successfully maintained witty banter with the audience, joking that it was sponsored by Target.

Burn Fetish


As more people filtered through the venue, the second act of the night; Burn Fetish, took the stage. More hardcore and wearing trash bags for outfits Burn Fetish does an exemplary job at leaving a strong first impression. Their music has strong metal and prog rock roots, however the band most definitely has an experimental vibe to it. For example, during their fourth song one of the guitarists played exclusively on a mic'd up childrens toy. I personally would love to see the band explore new styles like this, it seemed to me that the material that was not in the norm for their genre was executed the best by them. Overall the band had an extremely high energy stage performance, a must have perk, especially in their genre.



Falling, the third band to bless the stage that night, is a three piece metal band that intertwines samples with live loops to create an extremely unforgiving and dynamic sounding atmosphere. It sounds heavy, and light at times, its dynamic and emotional, the music that this band is producing is well above their age. It The group's music does an amazing job showcasing singer Jackson Catton screaming voice and the drummer Lars Oslund powerful yet perfectly reserved drum beats. The band does not currently have an album out yet, however they have announced they will be releasing one in May.



The headliner for the night took to the stage at 11:30pm. As late as that sounds, you would never be able tell or hear the difference, the group was full of energy and delivered a killer set. Playing songs off of their first album Healthy Steps, Straya is making waves in the current indie and progressive rock scene. Composed of just four people, the band sounded extremely full and well rehearsed. Their music features intricate, complex parts and sequences, from the melodic synth-organ to the quick fingered bass, the parts fit together like a puzzle. On top of that, the members totally vibe together on stage. Seeing them swaying back and forth completely in tune with each other really completes their performance.

Straya - An Interview with the Band

Cody - guitar/vocals, Gage - drums, Mark - keyboards, Sanjeev - bass/vocals

Us: How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it?

Gage - Stay away *chuckles*
Sanjeev - Progressive hardcore

Us: It's been a bit over a year since you released your first full length album, how has it gone so far and what has went well?

Sanjeev - All of the money for sure! *sarcastically*
Cody - I think the first record did its job, it's kind of a loose collection of songs.
Sanjeev - yeah, there have been a lot of people who have done writeups about it that have picked up on things that we didn't think that anyone would be paying attention to. I still have people who listened to Healthy Steps and give me specific feedback about it, it just makes me feel that the record definitely stands for itself and that makes me really happy.

Us: Who is your biggest musical Influence?

Mark - I would say King Crimson for sure. In terms of ethos… we are trying to incorporate broader influences… in a way that's not smashing together, and this is a very internalized process.

Us: Are there any local artists that are out there now that you are excited about?

Sanjeev - Falling, we toured with them last may. None of us had heard them but we became fast friends and they are really incredible. They have a new record coming out in May, we got the drop on it, it's exciting because they are very young and have a lot of room to grow.

Us: So you guys released some new songs recently under the name “I don't know what anyone is talking about anymore” Are these songs a precursor to a new album?

Cody - So Healthy Steps was kind of us getting out everything that we had done before. Then we sat on that for a while and just kind of played that stuff and we weren't writing very much, so we decided we needed to write and put something else out to keep up the forward momentum. We want to explore more extremes in the next album, it's kind of a stepping stone into our next project.

Us: There are more synths on the new songs, is this something we will be seeing in the future?

Sanjeev - We definitely pushed into some different directions that we didn't during healthy steps.
Cody - People have called us and emailed us about our “math rock” band before, and I understand why but I have never really bought into that and i think it will become especially clear why as we do this next record that we are not a math rock or an emo band.
Sanjeev - If we are not changing it up the next time around, I have no interest in continuing honestly.
Cody - Yeah we would all quit if we made a healthy steps two.

Us: Is there any deadline or release date?

Sanjeev - No not yet, we are writing very slowly. We are purposefully trying to write in different styles compared to healthy steps.

Sam Legierski, Dan Dodge