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Tony Peachka Farewell Show

Jul 19, 2018


On July 18th, a cloudy Wednesday night, I ventured into the cities to catch some fantastic local bands performing at 7th Street Entry. City Counselor and The Florists has jumped on the bill to support Tony Peachka’s final show together as a band. Though I was sad to see them go, I had been looking forward to the show for quite some time and was excited to see how the night would play out.

I didn’t catch City Counselor’s set due to an intense parade detour that had me navigating the streets for a full 45 minutes in my car (for the record, I live 10 minutes from First Ave & 7th Street entry. Yeah, uffda.), but I heard wonderful things from attendees. The other good folks at Radio K loved this band and their sonic gloom-pop spirit cured the crowd of their mid-week blues. When I saw them back in Studio K a while ago, they immediately caught my attention with their four keyboard setup and political themes. Their favorite song of mine was about gun violence, and I can’t wait to hear it released sometime in the future!

The second band to play was The Florists, a group I had admired for quite a while but had never had the pleasure of seeing! Jared Hemming - who had just played with City Counselor - was right back up on stage with fellow members Jo Kellen and Radio K alumna Luke Michaels. The mood was very high-energy as they jumped into their post-punk tracks, persuading the crowd to dance and sing along. For their final song, The Florists paid homage to Tony Peachka, the night’s headliners, with a heartfelt rendition of what they dubbed “Goodbye Tony”. The crowd sang along to the chorus in a heartwarming show of affection for what had brought them together tonight.

Ah yes, Tony Peachka’s last hurrah. Their final show as a band before lead singer/guitarist Melissa Jones packs her bags for the slopes of Colorado. I ran into bassist Danielle before the show, and she described it best, when she said she was feeling “really excited, but also really sad.” It was definitely a bittersweet night in the crowd, but as the band walked onstage with tiny plastic bubble-blowing guns, it was all smiles and cheers. It was truly a great going away party, featuring streamers, great tunes, and a balloon banner reading “RIP TONY” in gold. I’m so glad I got to catch the band in action at their last show - it truly had to be their best. Every riff was tight, every laugh was real, and the set was iconic - my favorites being “Gossip Girl” and “Creeping Charlie.” The crowd demanded an encore, chanting “TONY” (and yes, they were chanting in all caps, okay?) and the members appeared one last time, delivering sentiments and celebrating with a champagne toast. Guitarist Stephanie and bassist Danielle dove into the crown while playing, earning “we love you”s and screams. The crowd moshed, and I didn’t even care that I got some type of drink spilled on me. In the end, it was downright fun, and the embodiment of everything that encapsulated Tony Peachka. We will miss you dearly, Tony. Rest in Peachka.

Grace Baldwin