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Nov 11, 2018

Shy Boys


These beautiful bright bouncing boys might look shy, but deep down they’re brimming with bountiful bastions of melodic confidence. Considering the headliner was Wavves, any person that hasn’t heard of Shy Boys before would assume that they would be thrash-ey and rage-ey. Shy Boys are not, and that’s a good thing. Sometimes you need that kind of juxtaposition in a lineup. Kinda like how they always have someone completely arbitrary play before Death Grips at music festivals. The boys from Kansas City opened up with Keeps Me on My Toes, and went on to play a lot more of their wholesome jams like Take the Doggie, Something Sweet, and Heart is Mine. They had a seminal formality to their on-stage musicianship; playing songs back to back, due to most of their songs being relatively short. This was executed prestigiously and poignantly though, and the audience seemed to love them. Collin has a fantabulous voice (and is a great guitarist, go figure), and his brother Kyle plays drums and bass, Ross is on acoustic guitar, (other) Kyle is on guitar and synth, and Konnor is also the drummer/bassist. And they all played perfectly. One neat thing is that I asked for a setlist at the end of their show (for journalistic purposes, of course), and Konnor told me that they don’t use one. Pretty neat considering most touring bands use setlists, but not Shy Boys. I got the chance to chat with all of them after the show, and asked them if they would be coming back to Minneapolis, and they said “Of course.” If you need a show to confide in, let it be Shy Boys.



Nathan Williams truly disrupted the snowy weather with his beach-sleaze rock on this Saturday night in Minneapolis. Most of the crowd showed up to see Wavves, and they definitely got what they bargained for. Seeing the entire ensemble roll out was entertaining in itself. Louder than your mom would let you listen to and slapping more than a bass out of water, Wavves rocked the Fine Line pretty nicely. I was pretty close (also for journalistic reasons), and when the mosh broke out I was inevitably and eventually moshing. Because, you know, when at a Wavves concert live as the Wavves fans do. Starting it off with Idiot, and going through the hits like 9 is God, King of the Beach, Post Acid, Wavves totally pleased their fans, and anyone else present. Closing the show with an extended version of Green Eyes, including live bonus content of Williams ripping out all 6 of his guitar strings by the end of the band’s avant garde charade. Williams good ol’ tomfoolery was nothing short at this particular show. He walked out on stage with at least a fifth of a bottle of Jameson, and proceeded to finish off the bottle by the end of the show, throwing it off to the side when he was finished. Saying things like, “Okay there’s only 3 songs left and that’s good because I’m too drunk,” and “I’m f*cking wasted!” Between songs. The rest of the band deserves an ovation as well. Stephen on the bass (a sick flying V), Alex on guitar, and Brian on drums. If you just walked into a 7-11 at 10:30 on a Friday and had only heard a few Wavves songs but saw all these guys buying some munchies, you would think that they’re Wavves. One special thing about this specific show was a certain 11 year old in attendance standing right in the front. Near the end of the show Williams pointed him out to the crowd and got everyone to cheer for Wavves biggest lil’ fan. Shoutout to that kid for being cool, and getting a direct affirmation from Nathan Williams. No matter the mosh, or the concert goer, Wavves is a phat show to see, especially after the snow.

Sam Kablam

Photos by Evelyn Staats