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Wetter & Felted's Final Shows

Jul 29, 2018


Before this review begins please be aware that Felted and wetter both released new music at this show and that you can find and buy this music online.

INSIDE VOICE takes the stage:

Two people sit across from each other. These are the two members of INSIDE VOICE. One leans left and takes hold of a cello. One sings and drums. Both are utilizing the magical powers of electronic effects. Loops and pitch shifting crescendos dominate this set. The crescendos are fully felt and make their ways through the crowd. They reach me, sitting at the back, and I feel them rise through like a slow sci-fi scan. Sometimes crescendos and atmospheric builds are interrupted by pulsating screeches. INSIDE VOICE plucks and bows their cello and creates a friendly sonic undulation. Alongside a steady drumbeat my imagination conjures a row of marching stones. This music is often like floating and sometimes like drowning. This set is short but felt outside of time. INSIDE VOICE sings of hope and amplifiers.

Lazear takes the stage:

The amplifiers appear (!) as if from a spell. The band Lazear begins to play and I am hypnotized by the sound of punching electric guitar. The music is escalating and oscillating. Heads bob in the audience like a leaf on water. Strings are strummed with precision in pleasing synchrony. One Lazear lyric mentions the tik tok of a clock. This is fitting I think, for their pendulemic sound. A sound with rising and falling melodies, cadences, and resurgences. The rhythmic guitar strumming and constantly driven drumming are essential for each song. I am probably not the only one hypnotized. Their style makes me think of a shattering light bulb.

Felted takes the stage:

Felted and their music seem at home under the red stage lights. The sad part of the evening has begun because this is the last set Felted will ever play. This set could, at times, be a battle against that sadness. At other times it seems like an applause for it. This set is first awoken by electric bass guitar that rises out of quietness. A moment later guitar and drums join in and set off. The vocals are quiet at first. By the time I hear the lyrics “You came you kicked the door in”early in their first song “Unwound II”, they are loud and cutting. The words are sung with strength and emotion. There is exhaustion, too, but not true exhaustion because the intensity returns. At the end of each song the excitement of the audience is quieted in expectation for the next. Felted displays moments of beautiful sonic strength introduced and punctuated by moments of fragility. Felted sings about a race to the bottom and with each drumbeat I feel a step closer to the finish line. They close their set with three extended notes, a goodbye.

wetter takes the stage:

The sad part of the evening continues because this is the last show that wetter will ever play. That said, the audience seems willing to dance above this lurking sadness. At first the music is fast paced. There are bursts of instrumental energy that seem in conversation with fearsome and wonderfully unpredictable vocal harmonies and melodies. One song, titled “The Big Disappointment”, throttles my emotions between solace and unease. The guitars bounce pleasantly and vocalists sings of “another valley to the West”. I say unease because there is something in that line, a tinge of anger or disgust or something I’m failing to recognize that captivates and creates a palpable greatness that is difficult to explain. In the middle of this set two of the band members leave the stage. The next couple songs are quieter and need no percussion. wetter sings of speaking and trying honestly. There is no hint of dishonesty in the 7th Street Entry tonight. The music of wetter creates the feeling of comfort and honesty while still being able to surprise. These surprises (for me) come from dynamic transitions and lyrics that go from conversational to esoteric (also the melodies and harmonies I mentioned before). A sound that wows. After the band has been re-completed the end of the night begins. wetter closes the evening with “Truth Song”, a song they claim to always close with. Nevertheless it’s a perfect ending.

The show ended and two bands said goodbye.

“It was hard to leave because I kept slipping on all the tears” - Anonymous attendee

-Luke Roberts