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October 2022

Clashed Attitudes - 10/27/2013

Nov 02, 2013

What a great show we had today! We jammed some great tunes during the first hour and then local punk band Deepcuts came in to play live in Studio K!

What a great show we had today! We jammed some great tunes during the first hour and then local punk band Deepcuts came in to play live in Studio K; the band consists of ex-members of Comeback Kid, Lowtalker, Getting Even, Holding On, and Regret. They ripped out some great tracks but it was cut short due to a broken string (they still played one last track with a broken string though, which was totally awesome.) Afterwards they came in to the studio to talk to us about their new EP while jamming some tunes over the airwaves which included Code 13, Quicksand, Agnostic Front, Man Afraid, Integrity, and a mistakenly played track by Bowel (holy cow, guutttteralll). Nevertheless it was really great. Tune in next week for our in-studio with local pop-punk, emo-revival band Sleepyhead. We'll also be giving away High on Fire tickets, so don't miss out on that! As always... you can listen-in via our Radio K IPHONE APP, stream online at, or if you're in the Twin Cities area turn the dial to 100.7 FM, 104.5 FM, or 770 AM… Post requests on our Facebook page or call in at 612-626-4770. Thank you!

-Jaak (aka JLOOKER, aka HOUDINI)

Deep Cuts In-Studio 

Deepcuts bandcamp:
Clashed Attitudes Facebook:

Today's Playlist:
Clashed Attitudes (Music) with Jaak 10/27/2013 02:00PM to 04:00PM

MOGWAI "Punk Rock:" from "Come On Die Young"
BAD BRAINS "ATTITUDE" from "Bad Brains"
The Ramones "Gimme Shock Treatment" from "Leave Home"
BLACK FLAG "Wound Up" from "Slip It In"
Descendents "Bikeage" from "Milo Goes to College"
Void "WHO ARE YOU?" from "Faith / Void"
Crucial Unit "Baby, I Don't Want to Makeout, I Just Want to Circle Pit" from "Everything Went Strunk"
Crossed Out "SUPREMACY" from "Discography: 1990-1993"
Melvins "Mombius Hibachi" from "Honky"
Siege "ARMAGEDDON" from "Drop Dead"
Scowl "Ain't nobody got time for that" from "Grindcore is serious business"
Water Torture "Complete Collapse" from "Shellfire!"
Integrity "Heavens Final War" from "To Die For"
THE MEN "()" from "Leave Home"
Wolfpack "NO FUTURE" from "Allday Hell"


Vitamin X "Full Scale Assault" from "Full Scale Assault"
Fucked Up "QUEEN OF HEARTS" from "David Comes to Life"
Ana Lúcia "Mad Man" from "Ana Lúcia"
Off With Their Heads "That Must Be Nigel With the Brie" from "All Things Move Toward Their End."
Total Trash "Misanthropy" from "Total Trash"
FUGAZI "Waiting Room" from "13 Songs"
The Strike "Victoria" from "Victoria"
Cleveland Bound Death Sentence "Baltimore" from "Cleveland Bound Death Sentence"
Integrity "Atf Assault" from "Seasons In the Size of Days"
Quicksand "Omission" from "Quicksand - EP"
Hot Snakes "No Hands" from "Peel Sessions - EP"
Bowel "Track 4" from "Rotten Fecal Duct"
Man Afraid "Hooverville" from "Uphill Struggle"
Agnostic Front "Victim In Pain" from "Victim In Pain"
Toys That Kill "Liar's Hook" from "Shanked!"
Inmates "F.H.B.M" from "Assholes Unanimous Presents..."
MEAN JEANS "Anybody Out There?" from "On Mars"
Code 13 "No Exit" from "Discography: 1994-2000"