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Moses Sumney
Eastlake Craft Brewery

Clashed Attitudes 10/5/2014

Nov 02, 2014



J's Pick of the Week: Gas Chamber's Hemorrhaging Light
You can find their new record here:


Today my main homie/dad of the hardcore scene Ibrahim Al Said of Forward! Records came in to play us a few tunes. Find his playlist and more information about Forward! Records below:

Forward! Records Website
Forward! Records Facebook Page

Ibrahim Al Said of Forward! Records' playlist:

MOGWAI "Punk Rock" from "Come On Die Young"
BAD BRAINS "ATTITUDE" from "Bad Brains"
Leatherface "GHETTO" from "Cherry Knowle"
Burning Love "Miserable Sound" from "Songs for Burning Lovers"
City Hunter "Living Nightmare" from "City Hunter"
Hatred Surge "Inhalation of Dimethyltriptamine" from "Human Overdose"
Coalesce "On Being a Bastard" from "Functioning On Impatience"
Jungbluth "Wakefield" from "Part Ache"
Give "I AM Love" from "I Am Love"
RVIVR "Breathe Out" from "RVIVR"
Crazy Spirit "Space" from "Crazy Spirit"
Cult Ritual "Hunger Pains" from "2nd 7 inch"
Moutheater "Wide Eyed" from "Passing Key"
CULO "On The Streets" from "My Life Sucks and I Could Care Less"
Nü Sensae "100 Shades" from "Sundowning"
Siege "Cold War" from "DROPDEAD"
Dawn of humans "Jazzmonster" from "Blurst of the Birdfish 7""
Red Dons "My Life in Exile" from "Fake Meets Failure"
Draize "Black Hand" from "Self Titled"
Dropdead "Army Of Hate" from "Self Titled 1993"
Gas Chamber "Time Lapse" from "Hemorrhaging Light"
Grand Collapse "False Dawn" from "Far From The Callous Crowd"
Zero Progress "my place" from "Derailed 7""
Glue "Opportunist" from "Glue"
Cascadia "Conditionally" from "Conditionally"
Disciples of Christ "Absent" from "Decomposition Fantasy 12" EP"
Wildhoney "SEVENTEEN" from "Seventeen Forever - Single"
IVY "Arch Foe" from "IVY 12""
Institute "Success" from "Giddy Boys 7""
Judge "Hold Me Back" from "What It Meant: The Complete Discography"
Gets Worse "Armchair Activist" from "Gets Worse"
Dead in the Dirt "The Pit of Me" from "The Blind Hole"
Noisem "Mortuary" from "Agony Defined"
Iroha "AUTUMN LEAVES" from "Iroha"
Siamese Twins "Alone" from "Still Corner LP"
Strip Mines "Chokehold" from "Crimes of Dipassion LP"
Symptom "Sold Out" from "Symptom"
Total Control "Paranoid Video" from "Paranoid Video"
All Out War "Behind the Crescent and the Cross" from "Assassins In the House of God"