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October 2022

Clashed Attitudes - 11/10/13

Nov 18, 2013

J's Pick of the Week: Frankie Teardrop - "Tough Guy"

Clashed Attitudes (Music) with Jaak 11/10/2013 02:00PM to 04:00PM

MOGWAI "PUNK ROCK" from "Come On Die Young" 
BAD BRAINS "ATTITUDE" from "ROIR Cassette Tape" 
CEREMONY "Dead Moon California (Midnight In Solitude) / The Difference Between Looking and Seeing" from "Still Nothing Moves You" 
Charles Bronson "The kids are gonna stick together" from "Complete Discocrappy" 
Capitalist Casualties "Corporate Retreat" from "SPLIT" 
Cursed "Reperations" from "II" 
DINOSAUR JR. "Budge" from "Bug" 
Frankie Teardrop "STOP" from "Tough Guy" 
Descendents "Nothing With You" from "Cool to Be You" 
Wipers "Doom Town" from "The Wipers Box Set" 
Gorilla Biscuits "GOOD INTENTIONS" from "Start Today" 
Give Up the Ghost "Bluem" from "We're Down Til We're Underground" 
Government Warning "Endless Slaughter" from "Paranoid Mess" 
Wild Child "Just A Thought" from "demo 11" 
Brain Tumors "Punk Will Kill Us All" from "F U FOREVR" 
The Funeral and the Twilight "I MADE A MAN" from "Sullen Life" 
Myotis "Henry Rollins" from "Myotis" 
Kid Crash "Where Nerves Were" from "Snacks" 
His Hero Is Gone "Like Weeds" from "Monuments to Thieves" 
Integrity "Forevers Horizon" from "Systems Overload" 
High On Fire "Cometh Down Hessian" from "Blessed Black Wings" 
Wolfpack "NO FUTURE" from "Allday Hell" 
Extortion "The Rising Tide" from "Degenerate" 
Disfear "Get It Off" from "Live the Storm" 
Coliseum "One Last Night" from "Parasites" 
WIRE "Ex Lion Tamer" from "Pink Flag" 
Darkthrone "The Cult Of Goliath" from "The Cult Is Alive" 
SCREECHING WEASEL "The Science of Myth" from "My Brain Hurts" 
Reagan Youth "Jesus Was a Communist" from "A Collection of Pop Classics" 
Chumbawamba "Always Tell the Voter What the Voter Wants to Hear" from "Never Mind the Ballots" 
Shining "Lat oss ta allt fran varandra" from "V . Halmstad" 
Title Fight "Secret Society" from "Floral Green" 
Pity Sex "Dogwalk" from "Dark World - EP" 
JOY DIVISION "DISORDER" from "Unknown Pleasures"