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Come On Down (feat. Joe Talbot)

Come On Down - Single
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October 2022

Clashed Attitudes - 11/24/13

Nov 24, 2013


J's Pick of the Week: Full of Hell's Rudiments of Mutilation


Clashed Attitudes (Music) with Jaak 11/24/2013 02:00PM to 04:00PM

MOGWAI "PUNK ROCK" from "Come On Die Young" 
BAD BRAINS "ATTITUDE" from "ROIR Cassette Tape" 
Ramones "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment" from "Leave Home" 
BLACK FLAG "My War" from "My War" 
Descendents "Cool to Be You" from "Cool to Be You" 
BIKINI KILL "Rebel Girl" from "P Whipped" 
FUGAZI "Provisional" from "13 Songs" 
Interpol "Roland" from "Turn On the Bright Lights" 
Wipers "OVER THE EDGE" from "Is This Real?" 
SONIC YOUTH "Hey Joni" from "Daydream Nation" 
We Were Skeletons "End All Suffering" from "Blame & Aging" 
Raw Nerve "Hemlock" from "LP" 
MDC "Church And State" from "Millions Of Dead Cops / More Dead Cops" 
Void "Ignorant People" from "Faith / Void" 
R.A.M.B.O. "Ian Mackaye is My Savior, Not Jesus Christ" from "Wall of Death the System" 
Left for Dead "Kept in Line" from "Devoid of Everything" 
Siege "Sad But True" from "Drop Dead" 
Column Of Heaven "Buried Secrets" from "Mission from God" 
Purity Control "Dear Life" from "Adjusting" 
Sea of Shit "Locked Inside" from "Sea of Shit/Water Torture Split 7"" 
Sex Prisoner "Lip Service" from "Sex Prisoner" 
Dropdead "Strength In Your Conviction" from "Discography 1991-1993" 
Punch "Time Apart" from "Nothing Lasts" 
Full of Hell "Coven of the Larynx" from "Rudiments of Mutilation" 
Balance and Composure "Lost Your Name" from "The Things We Think We're Missing" 
Touche Amore "Is Survived By" from "Is Survived By" 
Title Fight "HYPNOTIZE" from "Spring Songs - EP" 
Tigers Jaw "Between Your Band and the Other Band" from "Tigers Jaw" 
HUSKER DU "Something I Learned Today" from "Zen Arcade" 
Germs "Lexicon Devil" from "The Complete Anthology" 
Total Trash "Misanthropy" from "Total Trash" 
ADOLESCENTS "I Hate Children" from "Adolescents" 
X "Sugarlight" from "Los Angeles" 
THE SMITHS "How Soon Is Now?" from "Meat Is Murder" 
Avail "Deepwood" from "Over the James" 
Pinhead Gunpowder "Reach For the Bottle" from "Down In Front" 
Leviathan "Receive the World" from "Massive Conspiracy Against All Life" 
Rudimentary Peni "Only Death" from "Echoes of Anguish" 
Rorschach "IMPRESSIONS" from "remain sedate" 
108 "Angel Strike Man" from "A New Beat from a Dead Heart" 
Lewd Acts "Young Lovers, Old Livers" from "Black Eye Blues" 
Low Sky "Palace Flophouse" from "Led Zeppelin House Show EP" 
Thieves "TORN" from "skeletal lightning 2012 summer compilation" 
Scaphe "mr. stork" from "forking paths" 
Give "Heaven Is Waiting" from "Heaven is Waiting"