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October 2022

Clashed Attitudes - 12/22/13

Dec 22, 2013


J's Pick of the Week: F.Y.P.'s Incomeplete Crap Volume 2

MOGWAI "PUNK ROCK" from "Come On Die Young" 
BAD BRAINS "ATTITUDE" from "ROIR Cassette Tape" 
Rites Of Spring "Other Way Around" from "Rites of Spring" 
DINOSAUR JR. "Nothin's Goin On" from "Hand It Over" 
BLACK FLAG "LOOSE NUT" from "Loose Nut" 
FUGAZI "Suggestion" from "13 Songs" 
WIRE "STranGe" from "Pink Flag" 
The Wipers "d-7" from "The Wipers Box Set" 
The Circle Jerks "High Price On Our Heads" from "Golden Shower of Hits" 
Samhain "Unholy Passion" from "Unholy Passion" 
Descendents "Clean Sheets" from "Somery" 
Cocksparrer "WorKing" from "Schock Troops" 
The Clash "POLICE AND THIEVES" from "the clash on broadway" 
Fuzz ""One"" from "Fuzz" 
Ex-Nuns "Dead of Zero" from "7"" 
HOLLOW BOYS "ALONE" from "It's True" 
Kitten Forever "DIAMOND RING" from "Pressure" 
Animal Lover "Fine Dining" from "K Local" 
Mineral "GLORIA" from "The Power Of Failing" 
Buildings "Mouthgift" from "Hawks / Buildings Split 7"" 
The Miami Dolphins "CANDY" from "Live in Studio K: 11.25.2011" 
Total Trash "Eye Candy Girl" from "Live on Radio K" 
Bass Drum Of Death "Bad Reputation" from "Live on Radio K" 
GAY WITCH ABORTION "Air Wonder Stories" from "Radio K In-Studio" 
The Body "Failure to Desire to Communicate" from "Christs, Redeemers" 
Disembodied "Anvil Chandelier" from "Diablerie" 
BIKINI KILL "Rebel Girl" from "Pussy Whipped" 
Government Issue "Plain To See" from "Complete History, Vol. 1" 
F.Y.P. "Preskool Dropout" from "Incomplete Crap, Vol. 2" 
Hatebreed "Before Dishonor" from "Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire"