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June 2022

Local vibes in the Twin Cities

A show highlighting hip-hop artists from around the Twin Cities

Every week, Radio K opens a door into the vibrant local hip hop scene and features a new MN Hip Hop artist - join us for a conversation and a performance of the best of MN hip hop only from Radio K!

Hosted by John Kueppers

Jun - 21 - 22
Love, Ulysses joins us for this episode of Local Vibes, where he explains the origin of his name, the process of creating 10 “2Packs” and new proj ...

Jun - 06 - 22
In this episode of Local Vibes, BdotCroc talks about her favorite performances and rap battles, the importance of creating opportunities for women in ...

Jun - 01 - 22
Meda joins us for this episode of Local Vibes where he talks about his writing process, creating his own world with Garbage Company, and everything el ...

May - 18 - 22
In this episode of Local Vibes, BLOOD $MOKE BODY talks about shedding former versions of themselves while still growing together, exploring different ...