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2/6/14 - Third Time's The Charm

Feb 07, 2014

In which our groovy host gets into the groove, and grooves hard.

They say third time's the charm, and this week's show sure seemed to... wait a minute, who's "they?"



Show was good this week. At least, I think so. Lots of variety in terms of bands, eras, and genres, just the way I like it!


Really, I'm not sure what else to talk about today. I guess some news would be nice. There's a few AWESOME shows coming up, and people should be aware of them. Of immediate, pressing concern is WINTERFEST, a showcase of Minnesota's Metal scene. It's TONIGHT at The Amsterdam in St. Paul. The list of bands are, deep breathe... 

I am Vengeance
Morality Crisis
Astral Blood
Plagued Insanity
King Goro

I know Nightosaur, LocKGnaR, and Morality Crisis (who I played in this week's show!) are totally cool. Having lived in Duluth, I know Wolf Blood are local metal heroes up there, and it's great to see them coming down here. The rest of the bands should be great because, well, c'mon. Anyways, once again, that show is TONIGHT, FRIDAY THE SEVENTH. So if you have nothing to do and love metal or local music, this might interest you! For more details, check out the facebook event page here:


Second, Amon Amarth, Enslaved, and Skeletonwitch are playing tomorrow night at Mill City Nights! Actually, the show is sold out, so I'm probably just rubbing salt in the wounds of all of you that don't have tickets. But for those of you that got your tickets, or won spots on the guestlist by listening to Metal Music Machine, I hope you enjoy! Full Disclosure: I haven't been to Mill City Nights yet, so I'm psyched to finally see a show there. It's an amazing touring lineup, and all three bands should put on great performances. And sold out shows usually mean a pretty crazy crowd. 



Anyways, track of the week time? 

For this week, I've chosen new music by an old band! It's More Than Meets The Eye by Testament, off their 2008 album The Formation of Damnation. You can listen to it here:

Now, Testament has always been a pretty cool band. They put out some really classic thrash albums in the 80's, despite never being quite on the same tier as the "Big 4" of Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer. They kept thrash alive into the 90's, until vocalist Chuck Billy was diagnosed with cancer and the band was put on indefinite hiatus. But, Billy amazingly made a full recovery, and the band started recording again. And, to the delight of us all, the band's new material has been just as good, if not even better than their earlier, "classic" output. More Than Meets The Eye is a perfect example of new Testament: Creative thrash riffs, melodic leads, and a heavy, thoroughly modern production style. And I can personally speak that this track and the band as a whole still put on a fantastic live performance. With all the buzz at the end of last year about old bands returning with some of the best music of their careers (referring to Carcass and Gorguts, specifically), I thought it best to bring up another band from a bygone era of metal that can still put out amazing, intense music.




Here's this week's setlist!

Animals As Leaders “CAFO” from Animals As Leaders

Arsis “We Are the Nightmare” from We Are the Nightmare

Atheist “Fictitious Glide” from Jupiter

Black Sabbath “Sweet Leaf” from Master of Reality

Sleep “The Suffering” from Volume One

Baroness “War, Wisdom and Rhyme” from Blue Record

Exhumed “The Shape of Deaths to Come” from Necrocracy

Belphegor “Hell's Ambassador” from Pestapokalypse VI

Morality Crisis “Touched By An Adult” from Boats Local

Anthrax “Among The Living” from Among the Living

Death Angel “Dethroned” from Killing Season

Testament “More Than Meets The Eye” from The Formation of Damnation

Exmortus “Immortality Made Flesh” from Slave to the Sword

Dissection “Night's Blood” from Storm of the Light's Bane

At The Gates “Through Gardens Of Grief” from The Red In The Sky Is Ours

Between the Buried and Me “Mordecai” from The Silent Circus

Devin Townsend “solar Winds” from Ziltoid the Omnicient

The Black Dahlia Murder “Into the Everblack” from Everblack

DevilDriver “Clouds Over California” from The Last Kind Words

The Sword “Apocryphon” from Apocryphon

Red Fang “Number Thirteen” from Murder the Mountains (Deluxe Version)