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May 22, 2014

After last week's crazy-educational Metal 101, we at Metal Music Machine are more than happy to get back to a normal (albeit awesome) metal playlist.

Really, because of that, there's not too much to say. Lots of great music from a variety of subgenres, including a lot of new music from bands such as Miasmal, Vallenfyre, Animals as Leaders, and Rodrigo y Gabriela.

Wait, what? 

Yeah, we got weird, including music from the acoustic guitar duo who just so happen to be virtuosic metalheads. You can really hear the influence in that track.

Anyways, there's not a whole lot to talk about in this post. It's summer, and while our DJ grid has changed, and all of us DJs have been moving all over the place, Metal Music Machine remains a stronghold. We're keeping the 10-midnight timeslot on Thursdays, so you won't have to worry about following us around! Woohoo!

Let's just get to the track of the day.

Today, it's Three Nil by Slipknot. (

Wait, what (again)?

Yup. Slipknot. That band that your friends liked back in middle school, the band that wears the kind of silly masks on stage, the band that has a turntablelist and standalone percussionist, the band that became one of the poster-children for Nu-Metal, and later on, radio-rock. What are they doing here, and why are they the track of the week?

Because they're damned good, that's why. Listen to the band with an open mind. Don't focus on the trappings which they've become associated with. You'll see they're actually a creative, groovy, heavy, energetic, and unique death metal band. Well, for some of their albums at least. But no, this is serious. We as metalheads often tend to write off bands because of their popularity, or their image, or their fanbases, or their genre labels. But here at Metal Music Machine, our motto is "intense without the pretense," and we'd urge all of you to put aside natural biases and listen to all metal with an open mind. We think you might just find stuff you like.


On to the playlist!

The Drip “Catalyst” from A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics - EP on Relapse Records

Agoraphobic Nosebleed “Timelord Two (Paradoxical Reaction)” from Agorapocalypse on Relapse Records

Warbringer “Beneath The Waves” from War Without End on Century Media

Vallenfyre “Aghast” from Splinters on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)

Rodrigo y Gabriela “Torito” from 9 Dead Alive on Rubyworks

Candlemass “BeWitched” from NightFall on Peaceville Records

Weedeater “Hammerhandle” from Jason... The Dragon on Southern Lord

Dying Fetus “Insidious Repression” from War of Attrition on Relapse Records

Miasmal “Until The Last” from Cursed Redeemer on Century Media

Winds Of Plague “Decimate the Weak” from Decimate the Weak on Century Media

Revocation “The Hive” from Revocation on Relapse Records

Prong “Ruining Lives” from Ruining Lives on Steamhammer

Slipknot “Three Nil” from Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) on Roadrunner Records

Vulgaari “Match” from Vulgaari on Vulgaari

Nachtmystium “The End Is Eternal” from Addicts - Black Meddle, Pt. II on Century Media

Ageless Oblivion “Glacial Blood” from Penthos on Century Media

Napalm Death “Blank Look About Face” from Utilitarian on Century Media

Testament “Eerie Inhabitants” from The New Order on Atlantic Records

Wolf Blood “Procession of the Witch” from Wolf Blood

Animals As Leaders “ka$case” from The Joy of Motion on Sumerian Records