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September 2022

BLNXFest 2

Nov 18, 2013

Radio K sponsored BLNXFest 2 at Cause Spirits and Soundbar this past weekend. To release their new album, BLNX curated the two nights of local music including sets from Frankie Teardrop, Gloss, Wiping Out Thousands, and more.


Friday, November 15:
BNLX  / Wiping out Thousands / Blue Sky Blackout  / Gloss / with  DJ Jake Rudh between sets.

By: Jerod Greenisen

Cause Soundbar was alive and bumping as the local music scene itself proved once again to be a treasurable resource for Minneapolis. The occation was on behalf of BLNX, who were showcasing their handpicked lineup of the best in local indie rock. BLNX were also premiering much of their album “Produit Collecté” both nights.

Friday night started with the darling locals, Gloss. Gloss is a five-piece specializing in dream pop and shoegaze indie rock. Gloss announced that they will have a full-length very soon and not long after taking the stage their dreamy licks where finding themselves welcome among a very gracious crowd. Notably, some love came from DJ Jake Rudh who gave them quite a shout-out during his DJ set. Gloss wrapped up their set with their pleasantly lucid single “Front Porch” leaving everyone in anticipation of their new release. See Gloss in Studio K and at the Triple Rock on November 23rd

Blue Sky Blackout picked up not long after and announced that this would be their farewell show. Blue Sky Blackout has been playing their brand of Brit rock in Minneapolis since ____. “Look and him, he’s playing like it’s our last show” said front man Christian Erikson of guitarist Jon Hunt who was shredding away in what could have been an emotionally turbulent show. Although they will not be playing any shows in the near future Blue Sky Blackout is worth a few spins at home.

One of the most impressive features of BNLXFest is the rate at which bands come in, sound check, play a set, pack up, and head out while the next band is setting up. Watching Wiping Out Thousands do all this in about ten minutes was very impressive. As not everyone watched the industrial trip hop duo Wiping Out Thousands take over the stage there was a gasp and a disruptive silence as all the lights on stage went out. The confusion was short lived as Wiping Out Thousands began their set through the darkness. Just when one might have thought they would play entirely in the dark blinding flashes pulsed from their own cleverly placed light equipment. The same creative process that could have been behind their stage presence seems to be within their music as well. Wiping Out Thousands will light up a room, get you dancing, play in pitch darkness, and fall completely silent. The height of the performance was “Creation” which properly displays the duo’s clever performance techniques and captivating balancing techniques.

By time BLNX took that stage the crown had been stimulated enough to give into anything, and BLNX was not going to be the band to abuse this. Instead they seemed to be having a thoroughly good time playing some of their best tracks off records old and new. Smiles from the band were throughout the show as there was no shortage of appreciation coming from the crowd.