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September 2022

Dec. 6, 2013

Dec 12, 2013

An in-studio with Glow Mechanics, new music from Paragraphs and Blackthorne, and our favorite local punk outfits.

Glow Mechanics

This Week's In-Studio: Glow Mechanics

Hip-hop group Glow Mechanics joined us live in Studio K in support of their recently released LP Schmo Mechanics.  We've been playing them on the station since their first EP dropped last spring, and it was exciting to finally have them in studio!  Comprised of emcees Ghostmeat, Bev, and producer Es El, Glow Mechanics' new LP is a record you won't want to miss.  With impressive production quality, Schmo Mechanics is eleven tracks of laid-back killer beats and skillful lyricism.  They put on a stellar performance on Friday and chatted with Courtney about the new album, how they met playing in punk bands as teenagers, and the dedicated non-musical member behind their visual art, Plane Jane (aka Kurtis Benson).  Check out the kinetic typography video for "Aloft" below.   



This Week's Playlist: 


Strange “Blowback” from EP 1

Magic Castles “Death Dreams” from Magic Castles on 'a' Records

Teammates “Danny Glover” from Art Thief New!

First Communion Afterparty “Color of My Mind” from Earth-Heat-Sound

Blackthorne “Necro Shark VI” from Necro Shark New!

Ex Nuns “Dead of Zero” from Live In Studio K

BNLX “Opposites Attract” from Produit Collecte

Glow Mechanics “LIVE IN STUDIO K!” from LIVE IN STUDIO K!

Tickle Torture “Lovesickness” from K-Local

Wiping Out Thousands “More Than Five Million” from This Came First on Wiping Out Thousands

Psymun “Banani” from heartsick

Prgrphs “Last Words: Kurt Russell” from Single New!

The Trashmen “Surfin Bird” from Cowabunga: Ebb Tide WHO KNEW THIS WAS LOCAL??

France Camp “My Warpaint” from France Camp EP

Gloss “Rachel” from Between Themselves New!

Sundowners “Heavy Cards” from The Larger Half of Wisdom on Dirt Cult Records p-u-n-k

Kitten Forever “Famous Friends” from Pressure on Guilt Ridden Pop p-u-n-k

Total Trash “DADDY” from Performing LIVE In Studio K! p-u-n-k

Myotis “Bad Habit” from Myotis p-u-n-k

Serenghetto “Nairobbery” from Serenghetto 7 Inch p-u-n-k

Diver Dress “SLEEP” from Diver Dress p-u-n-k

Wild Child “Just A Thought/Bogged Down” from Live In-Studio @ Radio K p-u-n-k

Stnnng “Brain Dumb” from Empire Inward on Modern Radio Record Label p-u-n-k

Dillinger Four “Noble Stabbings” from Situationist Comedy on Fat Wreck Chords p-u-n-k

Buildings “Mouthgift” from Hawks / Buildings Split 7" p-u-n-k

Dingus “Misogynists and Party Chicks” from Radio K Instudio p-u-n-k

GAY WITCH ABORTION “Air Wonder Stories” from Opportunstic Smokescreen Behavior on Learning Curve Records p-u-n-k

The Miami Dolphins “CANDY” from Live in Studio K: 11.25.2011 p-u-n-k

Animal Lover “Fine Dining” from Fundango p-u-n-k

Claps “LIES” from Lies/White Lies


This week, we featured some of our favorite local punk releases of the year during the second half of the episode from Diver Dress, Kitten Forever, Myotis, and more, many of which were past in-studio recordings here at Radio K. All of them are marked up there to make it easy on you cool cats.

A listener also requested The Trashmen's song, "Surfin' Bird." You ALL know this song, but did you know it was local?? Because we sure didn't.  


Next Week Tomorrow:


An In-Studio With CLAPS

This Friday, Claps will be swinging by the studio at 3:30 CST (as always) before their show at the Hexagon Bar.  They just released their EP Lies/White Lies, and we're psyched to have them come in.  We’ve been playing them quite a bit on OTR, but in case you haven’t heard 'em yet, check out the video for the title track below.  


CLAPS "WHITE LIES" (Official Music Video) from JK/JVW on Vimeo.