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Feb. 14, 2014

Feb 17, 2014

An in-studio with Black Diet and all the local love (and anti-love) tunes.

Black Diet

This Week's In-Studio: Black Diet

If you think local funk and soul is dying, then you're wrong. Enter Black Diet, one of the newest and grooviest bands to breach the local music scene. They're taking the Twin Cities by storm with the numerous singles they've released, a nomination for's Are You Local?, and a spot on the bill for First Avenue's Best New Bands of 2013 that took place a couple weeks ago at the iconic club. While soul and R&B are starting to gain a renewed appreciation here in the Twin Cities with bands like Southside Desire, the Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound compilation project, and a similar compilation that Secret Stash put out last year, Black Diet brings a refreshing and modern approach to the genre by blending it with elements of garage rock.

But, never fear, the band still holds strongly onto vintage notions in both their sound and image: JT's swooning voice feels like it came out the doors of an old gospel church, and Mugysy's back up vox and (oftentimes) sparkly 50s and 60s attire make you feel like you took a trip back in time in the phone booth from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (sorry, it was on TV today). The bass lines are too groovy, and the organ will make you melt. Basically--don't be the person who doesn't check out Black Diet. 

They've got some tune on a compilation Pinata Records put out with Southside Desire, Mystery Date, Narco States, and Mr. Hide, as well as a few singles and a split 7-inch with Southside desire. Keep a weary ear out for the new album which will drop sometime this spring. 


This Week's Playlist

Disasteratti “We Should Do This Again” from Cerebral Hack Artist

Tree Blood “Tree Blood” from Tree Blood - EP on MJ MJ RECORDS

Umami “Strange Eyes” from Absolutely Cuckoo: MN Covers The 69 Love Songs

K.Raydio & Psymun “MOONSHINE” from LucidDreamingSkylines on K.Raydio & Psymun Local

HOT FREAKS “HEARTACHE” from Hot Freaks EP on Hot Freaks

Southside Desire “Heat” from Pinata Records Hit Parade Sampler

Animal Lover “Fine Dining” from Fundango

NALLO “When My Boys Walks Down the Street” from Absolutely Cuckoo: MN Covers The 69 Love Songs

Is/Is “VENOM” from Is/Is

Black Diet “LIVE IN STUDIO K!!!” from Live In-Studio 2/14/14

THE REPLACEMENTS “Kiss Me On the Bus” from Tim on Warner 1061

Frankie Teardrop “STOP” from Tough Guy Local

Grant Cutler “My Only Friend” from Absolutely Cuckoo

Pina Cloud “Memory High” from Who Care

12 Rods “Make-Out Music” from Gay? on E1 Music

BUFFALO MOON “Amor de Lojos” from Machista on Self-Release

Caroline Smith “All That I Know Is (I'm Your Baby)” from Half About Being A Woman on United Interests Local

Mystery Date “Lightspeed Romance” from Pinata Records Hit Parade Smapler

Me and My Arrow “Parades Go By” from Absolutely Cuckoo

Roma di Luna “HEY LOVER” from Then The Morning Came on Independent

Prissy Clerks “Psychic Love” from In-Studio 12/7/12 on Forged Artifacts

Mr. Hide “Sisters” from Pinata Records Hit Parade Sampler

Web of Sunsets “Foreign Body” from Room of Monsters - Single

HOLLOW BOYS “ALONE” from Radio K In-Studio

Human Kindness “Prescription Drugs” from You Are So Loud That I Want To Die

Narco States “Left Hand right Hand” from Pinata Records Hit Parade Sampler

We apologize for the obscene amount of love and anti-love titles in the above playlist, but we don't apologize for all the Absolutely Cuckoo: MN Covers the 69 Love Songs tracks because Magnetic Fields + local artists = <3

Plus, now you've got a playlist to hold on to for February 14th, 2015 ;) ;) ;) ;) Right...

Next Week...

web of sunsets