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September 2022

Interview With Holographic Sands

Nov 26, 2013

Holographic Sands talks to Radio K about how Facebook named their band, sleepovers, and Grain-Brains.

Radio K sponsored the Forged Artifacts Showcase and the Gloss EP Release Show on November 23rd. Holographic Sands played the first slot at the showcase and not only did they set the perfect groove that night, but they took some time to talk to Radio K. Holographic Sands shares details about their new video projects, late night slumber parties in Minneapolis attics, and contemplate designing coasters as band merchandise during this exclusive feature.


Pictured Jared Carrigan (lead vocals / guitar), Tyler Losinski (guitar), Chase Wackerfuss (drums), & Kyle Schaffer (bass)
Photo credit: Bridget Bennett

Radio K: So, when did Holographic Sands begin?

Jared: So, me and Chase played music for like two years, no like a year probably-

Chase: In my dad’s attic, and in the summer it was 110 degrees-

Jared: Oh, it was terrible.

Chase: and in the winter, it was 35 degrees, which is terrible for the instruments, too, by the way.

Jared: Yeah, it’s dreadful. Around late November we had just me, Chase, and Kyle and then we played like our first show as Holographic Sands at the Triple Rock. Then, Tyler joined in March. Officially, December 30th  2012.

Chase: So, this Saturday at the Triple Rock will be like a blast from Holographic Sands’ past.


K: So it’s like your one year anniversary?

Jared: Yeah, since our innocence.


K: Occasionally bands use fluffy titles for themselves, is Holographic Sands just some name?

Jared: Well, yeah. Chase just said, ‘where did it come from?’ and he’s the one who just texted me one day, and I said, ‘yeah, that works,’ because I was just over it.

Kyle: Yeah, like coincidently Chase texted and then thought of the name and then hated it after that.

Chase: I tried to rally everybody to change it, and then, they were all like, ‘we have 75 likes on Facebook, we can’t go back now.

Jared: Well, it was originally ‘House Ghost’, and then we just named the EP, House Ghost.

Chase: That has more relevance than any other name.

Jared: Yeah, House Ghost, because there were ghosts in our house, the house was haunted.

 "We have 75 likes on Facebook, we can't go back now." 

K: In whose attic?

Jared: Chase’s, that’s where we originally practiced.

Chase: But also, House Ghost was a joke at first because it’s like, the common house ghost, like a common house cat. 


K: So, was the ghost always there or was the ghost just there when you guys would practice?

Jared: Late at night.

Kyle: Only when they’d have sleepovers.

holosandssleep_Custom.jpgPhoto credit: Bridget Bennett

K: So tell me when you guys became involved with Forged Artifacts and how that came to be.

Jared: Chase emailed Matt because he saw him in the city pages.

Chase: So, Forged Artifacts, Matt’s record label, Matt Linden, he won City Pages’ best local record label of 2012, so I said, ‘hey, that’s cool, if you can make a name for yourself and be that small, and still get noted for it, and we want to work with you.’ So I hit him up and he said he really liked it. Then for three months we were kind of just beating around the bush and then finally we committed to releasing an EP.

Jared: Yeah because once we recorded the EP it was kind of like we had something to do where as before it was like once we’d get something then well do something.

Chase: He’s really cool; I think all of us have been over to his house multiple times. We talked about Breaking Bad.


K: Who does most of the recording?

Jared: I pretty much recorded everything for the first EP, Then the second one-- we got recorded at Old Blackberry Way with Neil Weir. That was a lot of fun.

Chase: Yeah we recorded and mixed the first one all by ourselves. Jared mainly did all the mixing and recording.

Jared: Tyler wasn’t on that one at all.

Chase: I was the sugar daddy, though, for all the investments.

Jared: That’s true; Chase picked me up. We’ve all known each other forever.

"House Ghost was a joke at first because it’s like, the common house ghost, like a common house cat." 

K: When did you guys meet?

Jared: I met Tyler on the bus in 6th grade, he was in 8th grade, I was in 6th grade. [Back] then Chase [was] in [a] jazz band, and I met Kyle at party, probably.


K: Back to the EP, it would seem that this EP has some interesting variances and production styles. Was there a clear direction that Holographic Sands wanted to go with its sound?

 Kyle: Yeah, [although] we’re just trying to get the notes right, still.

Jared: I think to an extent, we’ve found our sound, because going into it we didn’t have a sound in mind or anything everybody says that, we try not to sound like anyone. We all listen to a lot of different kinds of music, so that kind of comes into it.


K: So when it comes to the music you listen to, what influences you the most?

Chase: We always say this: yes we all listen to our own style of music, of course, but for the band we never really went into it with, ‘this is the band that is going to influence our music.’

Kyle: We listen to a lot of people and then if something sticks out as far as maybe like a technique or, not sound, you know what I mean?

Jared: Some bands just pick a band and say, ‘we want to sound like this band.’ It becomes a little uninteresting because they sound just like that band.

Chase: That’s exactly why all of our sounds have a different vibe. Some of them sound really folksy, some sound surf-y, some a little bit pop punk, and others like psychedelic [and] experimental.

Jared: I’d say we’re still experimenting with it, like that new song.

Chase: What song, would you guys say, is like the number one song that would define how our sound is progressing, like out of the ten we have recorded?

Tyler: All the newest stuff is really different.

Chase: I think we prefer not to get sucked into one genre of Holographic Sands, there are many grains on the beach. There are many grains to analyze. We call our fans the Grain-Brains. Like, Holographic Sands-grains of sand. We don’t actually call them that…

K: Like dead heads?

Jared: Exactly.


"We call our fans the Grain-Brains."

K: What’s on the agenda, what’s your next project, are you going to do a full length, are you going to throw another EP out there, are you just writing songs?

Chase: Oh, well Tyler and I just met today for a new music video that’s kind of like our new micro project, but a music video takes a lot of work. Probably a full length though, next.


K: You just released a music video. I think it was up on your Facebook page.

Chase: I think that’s naturally the next step after you release an album, in our case an EP, getting it down in a form that’s more than just a song.

Kyle: Who’s making this one?

Chase: I think Mike. Oh I’m actually making a website for Old Blackberry Recording Studio.


K: So you’re familiar with web design?

Chase: Yeah.


K: So do you do your band’s website?

Chase: No, we don’t have a website. Our band doesn’t really need a website.


K: I guess you guys have Facebook, Twitter, and others?

Jared: nobody likes websites.

Chase: Why would a band have a website? I think that’s kind of stupid.

K: A lot of bands have websites.

Tyler: What Chase is trying to say is, we’re too cool for that.


K: But, not too cool for twitter?

Jared: No way. Chase loves twitter, he’ll tweet pieces of pizza and stickers.

Chase: What are they going to find when they come to our website?


K: I guess, links to all your social media platforms, maybe.

Chase: What would it look like?


K: I don’t know, you’re the web designer.

Chase: I make boxy [websites]. I guess Holographic Sands would have to have a picture in the background.

Jared: Yeah, what he does is very robotic and un-artistic. Like linear. He just uses, you know, protractors.

Chase: You guys should actually see this coaster I designed today. 

Jared: So the next project is a music video and coasters.

"You  guys should actually see this coaster I designed today." 

K: I’ve never heard of coaster merch before, that would definitely be original.

Jared: That hasn’t been thought of until just now when I said that.

Tyler: How much can you sell a coaster for?

Jared: Zero dollars.

Chase: Five dollars!

Tyler: I was going to say five, too.


Written by Samantha Sacks
Edited by Jerod Greenisen
Photos by Bridget Bennett