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October 2022

Jan. 31, 2014

Jan 31, 2014

An in-studio with Prgrphs (not Paragraphs), new music from Chris Campbell, the return of Têtes Noires, and more!


This Week's In-studio: PRGRPHS

Floating off the release of their 3rd LP, You're Ridiculous (I Love You), local post-rock duo Prgrphs joined us live in Studio K in support of the new record and in honor of their show at 7th St Entry tonight. The new album is their strongest yet, reaching the full spectrum of post-rock nuances with songs that have pensive and romantically melodic aspects, and others that reach levels that rival the heaviest of genres. This latest release came about after a brief hiatus during which Dan (drums, etc.) traveled to Alaska and Chris (guitar, keys, loops galore) had a baby with his wife. In short, they both kept very busy. The time off seemed to have been advantageous, having provided them with ample energy, time, and inspiration to complete You're Ridiculous (I Love You). Historically focused on creating a fully DIY project, the duo decided to take to a "real" studio this time and were thus able to put a lot more bass on this album along with Rhodes keyboard, leaving a much fuller sounding album. That is not to say that the band has abandoned their usual DIY approach; the album artwork and packaging was done on their own, with each CD coming with a unique photo from the 1920s that the band found in an old cigar box collection. The album is well worth your listen, and if you're at all hesitant about music sans vocals, then take Chris's advice: "If you like movies, you'll like post-rock."

This Week's Playlist

Chris Campbell “Lord Byron” from Things You Already Know on Innova  NEW!

Dark Dark Dark “TELL ME” from Who Needs Who on Supply & Demand

Pony Trash “Submarine” from Pony Trash - EP on Old Blackberry Way

Rabbit Holes “It's Not Alright” from It's Not Alright

Bird Sounds “Ben Frank” from Bird Sounds 7-inch

Diver Dress “DRUGS” from Diver Dress

Prgrphs “Live In-Studio!” from Live In Studio K!

Hardcore Crayons “100,000 Happy Meals” from Just for Grins

Bouncer Fighter “Garbagemen of the Galaxy” from Re-Animator Presents Bouncer Fighter "Satirical Spirituals"

Kitty Rhombus “Gentle Shotgun” from Single NEW!

Têtes Noires “AMERICAN DREAM” from The New American Dream on East Saint Paul Records  Old (But New)!

Zoo Animal “Concern and a Warning” from Zoo Animal on Rest + Noise

Phantom Vibration “Summer Blood” from Radio K In-Studio

Human Kindness “Giant People” from You Are So Loud That I Want To Die

Fury Things “Leave Winter Behind” from Single

Frankie Teardrop “STOP” from Tough Guy

Black Diet “Thrown Stones” from Single

Allan Kingdom “Achilles” from Talk to Strangers

Guante and Big Cats! “Until There's Nothing Left” from You Better Weaponize

Vats “Jogger” from iridescent intent on MJ MJ RECORDS

First Communion Afterparty “Color of My Mind” from Earth-Heat-Sound

The other night I listened to Chris Campbell's new record while driving around in the dark, and I cannot stress how cathartic and gorgeous it was. The album, Things You Already Know, out on Innova Recordings was recorded with members of Zoo Animal and Aaron and the Sea, and key players in both the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and the Minnesota Orchestra. The album has an interesting, existential theme, as Campbell describes in the liner notes: 

"When I was creating the music that you hear here, I kept bumping up against the idea of absorption. That meta-physical equals sign (=) where there's no separation between self an other, inner and outer, general and particular. I kept asking... How does something become a part of your life? How do you bring that integrated, non-dual state of mind into the messy reality we live in? How do you express that through the very specific lens of self? Things you already know. That's what Aristotle thought learning was on some level. Discovery doesn't introduce new information, it just triggers the memory of what was already inside us, ready to resonate." --Chris Campbell

It's truly a mesmerizing listen, and, personally, I always love listening to new, experimental modern classical compositions considering the nature of popular music today. I guess this week is just all about the instrumental. 

Also (fun fact) the album art is  by local photographer Alec Soth, whose work is also well worth the Google search. 

chris campbell


We also played a track of the newly remastered Têtes Noires album, The New American Dream. As much as I'd like to go off on a rant about how great this reissue and band are, a blurb in this blog post wouldn't do it justice. SO stayed tuned for a feature piece on the historical significance of the band, the new release, etc. 

First Avenue's Best New Bands of 2013 was last night! 

I had such a blast hosting, and congrats to all the bands for a job well done this past year. Although I enjoyed each performance, I have to say that Black Diet's set was my favorite, just because I wasn't expecting the level of fantastic that they threw down. They'll be joining us in-studio on VALENTINE'S DAY so stop making out with your significant other or watching (500) Days of Summer alone in your bedroom for a half hour that day at 3:30 to tune in. Don't be stupid: DO IT. 

Here's the lineup again: 


Fury Things

Black Diet


Allan Kingdom


Frankie Teardrop

Next Week: 


An in-studio with First Communion Afterparty


drone not drones

We'll be sitting down with Luke Heiken, the mastermind behind Drone Not Drones, to talk about the project and all the good it brings.


Thanks for kicking ass,