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June 2022

The Long Lost OTR Diary Part One: 5/24 thru 6/6

Jun 09, 2014

It's been crazy busy in OTR land.  The past month has been full of finals, graduations and lots of changes for all at Radio K.  I'm happy to announce that, after flying pretty much solo for the past three weeks, Off the Record has a new co-host!  Mary is all kinds of of cool and it's going to be an amazing summer.  Check out what's been goin' on below.  




This Week's In-Studio:  Alpha Consumer



Those who are keen on happenings in the Twin Cities music scene will probably recognize Jeremy Ylvisaker (The Cloak Ox, Gramma's Boyfriend), JT Bates (Face Candy, Fat Kid Wednesdays, JT's Jazz Implosion), and Michael Lewis (Happy Apple, Fat Kid Wednesdays, Bon Iver, Andrew Bird, Gayngs, Dosh) from their infinite music projects ranging from jazz to prog rock.  After playing together in various groups over the years, the trio has found a lush center as Alpha Consumer.  They stopped in to play a few tracks off of their recent release, Meat, from the label Totally Gross National Product.  JT, Mike, and Jeremy really mesh as musicians and it was a real pleasure to listen and talk with them!


This Week's Playlist

Fort Wilson Riot “Still Believe in Love” from trIllIun

Surfer Gurl “BLUE LOVE” from K-Local

THE BAD PLUS “Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Tears for Fears Cover)” from Prog on Decca (UMO)

The Miami Dolphins “Neon and Foam” from Live in Studio K: 11.25.2011

Def Kith “Twin Speak” from Def Kith

Claps “Shelter” from in studio 12/13/13

Battlerat “Test The Water” from Battlerat on Ancient Infinity

Alpha Consumer “Live In-Studio” from Live In-Studio Performace

PHANTOM TAILS “Dozer Journal” from Rides Battallion

OAKS “Field Beat” from Field Beat - EP on ASS Records

False Teeth “Space Prom” from Grapefruit EP on Polkadot Mayhem

Animal Lover “Plasme” from Guilt

Dem Atlas “All We Got” from All We Got - Single on Rhymesayers

Shiro Dame “Crazy Ways” from Crazy Ways - Single on Shiro Dame

Magic Castles “Rebecca's World” from Split 7" RSD

Suzie “Coffin in Houston” from K-Local

Har Mar Superstar “Restless Leg” from Bye Bye 17 on Cult Records

Nomia “KINGMAKER” from Iron and Rust

Falcon Arrow “Tamarian Language” from Anti-Matter on Tickle Torture

Prgrphs “Last Words: Kurt Russell” from You're Ridiculous (I Love You) on Plastic Leonard Music

Mr. Hide “SISTERS” from Pinata Records Hit Parade Sampler

POLICA “You Don't Own Me” from Raw Exit




PRGRPHS dropped in to spin some local post-rock, intrumental favorites and talk about their live-streaming show at Shock and Audio. 




This Week's In-Studio: Pink Mink



Pink Mink stopped by to play a few Bikini Kill covers before playing First Ave's Girl Germs: Live Tribute to Women in Rock.  They totally rocked the airwaves even though singer/guitarist Christy Hunt had a case of laringitis.  That's true rock and roll, everybody.  Studio K even got a surprise visit from the founders of Girl Germs, Sally Hedberg and Lana Raidt.  Right on!


This Week's Playlist

Ugly Motors “Full Blown War” from Ugly Motors

Buildings “It Doesn't Matter” from IT Doesn't Matter

The Battle Royale “Oh Martha” from Sparkledust Fantasy on Afternoon Records

Nomia “Kingmaker” from Iron and Rust

Deleter “Kings and Queens of Sympathy” from Single

Chalk “Shroud” from Single

Grammas Boyfriend “I Got This Feeling” from Live From Radio K 12/30/12

Courageous Endeavors “OKN” from Prototype

Magic Castles “Rebecca's World” from Split 7" RSD

Surfer Gurl “Cecilia” from Single

PHANTOM TAILS “Static Lions” from Rides Battallion

Suzie “Coffin in Houston” from :~)

Carroll “Bad Water” from Bad Water - Single

Kitten Forever “BLACK ICE” from Pressure on Guilt Ridden Pop

Catbath “Law of Average” from Small Time

The Velveteens “CHICO” from The Velveteens on AEI Records

LFTR PLLR “Space Humping” from Fiestas and Fiascos

Passions “Put it in a Letter” from She Comes in Colors

End Transmission “Past Black Eyes” from Holiday of

Saucer “Lil' Hatchback” from Saucer on Spanish Fly Records

Song Of Zarathustra “Science, Science” from The Birth of Tragedy on Troubleman Unlimited

Prissy Clerks “Bruise or Be Bruised” from Bruise Or Be Bruised on Forged Artifacts

Têtes Noires “AMERICAN DREAM” from The New American Dream on East Saint Paul Records

Guest DJ: Lori Barbero


Lori Barbero is something of a legend.  Member of the iconic Babes in Toyland, owner of small record label Good Horse, Lori has been an active and vital presence in music for decades.  She is also one of the nicest and most inspiring people I've ever met.  She taught herself drums at age 27 and the rest is history.  We spun some of her favorite local tracks and chatted about what she's been up to (she helps produce SXSW, run a record label, and manages to find time to play music- majorly cool).  Thanks a million, Lori!    


This Week's In-Studio: Fort Wilson Riot

We got to hear from Fort Wilson Riot a couple weeks before their album release show. On the 24th they celebrated the release of "trllllun" at the Triple Rock Social Club. They totally rule, and watch out for the lead singer's dreamy vocals. They will melt you. 

This Week's Playlist

Prgrphs “Last Words: Kurt Russell” from You're Ridiculous (I Love You) on Plastic Leonard Music

Haley Bonar “Kill the Fun” from Last War on Graveface Records & Curiosities

Prissy Clerks “Bruise or Be Bruised” from Bruise of Be Bruised

Tungsten “Butchered” from Single

Leisure Birds “Waveforms” from Tetrahedron

Hardcore Crayons “100,000 Happy Meals” from Just for Grins

HOLLOW BOYS “Heartsick” from K-Local

Astronomique “LIVE IN STUDIO K” from !

ELITE GYMNASTICS “We Fly High” from Real Friends [EP]

Sonny Knight and and His Fabulous Lakers “Jucy Lucy” from I'm Still Here

Mayda “ALL I HAVE” from Busy Signals

Marijuana Deathsquads “Ewok Sadness” from Oh My Sexy Lord on Totally Gross National Product

Sun Gods to Gamma Rays “You Thought You Had It All” from The Water, The Wave - EP on Sun Gods to Gamma Rays

France Camp “Waste This Sun” from France Camp EP on Forged Artifacts

THE BLIND SHAKE “Call of the Hive” from Held Hostage RSD 2014 Comp

Shiro Dame “Crazy Ways” from Crazy Ways - Single on Shiro Dame

The Wallets “Totally Nude” from The Wallets (EP) on Vermillion

Courageous Endeavors “OKN” from Prototype

Schoenburg “Selfish Luvv” from s/t

Sativa Flats “Cha Cha” from s/t

Skoal Kodiak “Sciswell” from Kryptonym Bodliak on Load Records

Baby Guts “Tiny Cuts” from The Kissing Disease on Guilt Ridden Pop

Catbath “Bop, Ooo” from Small Time

Animal Lover “Plasme” from Guilt