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The Long Lost OTR Diary Part Two: 6/13 thru 6/27

Jul 03, 2014


This Week's In-Studio: Warehouse Eyes 

Minneapolis's newest dream pop band, Warehouse Eyes, take their name from a lyric in a Bob Dylan Song ("Sad Eyed Lady of the Lands").    They stopped by Studio K to play some songs from their excellent debut EP, Carvings.  Jenny, a classically trained vocalist, sings hauntingly over a bed of dreamy synths and gritty guitar riffs, managing to balance polished and raw to great effect.    

 You can catch them at the Kitty Cat Club July 12th with Astronomique and Queen of France. 

This Week's Playlist

The Drug Budget “Always Been Lookin For a Reason to Die” from Disrespect

BNLX “Vibrant” from BNLX

Battlerat “Test The Water” from K Local

Sean Anonymous “Black Magic feat. Lizzo, Dreamcrusher & DJ Name” from Live In-Studio 1/5/2014

Maeth “Fossil Eyes” from Oceans Into Ashes

Leisure Birds “Waveforms” from Tetrahedron on Totally Gross National Product, Moon Glyph

Strange Relations “Very White Teeth” from Centrism

Warehouse Eyes “Live In-Studio K” from Live In-Studio K

Black Blondie “HUNGER” from Do You Remember Who You Wanted to Be on Black Blondie

The Funeral and the Twilight “Jaws of the Beast” from Jaws of the Beast - Single on Drink Blood Records

Vacation Dad “Journey Through Darkest Jungle” from FMLY Fest 2K14 Sampler

Fort Wilson Riot “Yes Indeed” from trIllIun

GRRRL PRTY “Night Watch” from Live In-Studio K 10/11/13

O-D “It Will Be feat. K Raydio” from Do

Crimes “Wide Eyes” from In Studio K 5/10/13

Chalk “Shroud” from Single

Black Market Brass “Snake Oil Man” from Big Muffler / Snake Oil Man - Single on Secret Stash Records

The Sleaze “BECAUSE OF YOU” from Single

The Soviettes “Blue Stars” from The Soviettes LP on Adeline Records

The Shakin' Babies “Katrina” from Stoked Casual on MJ MJ RECORDS

Mr Hide “Dutchess (Love You Sour)” from Mide and Seek

Manplanet “Skylab” from Skylab EP

Kristoff Krane “Hunting For Father” from Hunting For Father on CRUSHKILL RECORDINGS

Sadistik “Chemical Burns (feat. Eyedea, Lotte Kestner)” from UltraViolet on Ineffable Records




This Week's In-Studio: Mr. Hide

Mr. Hide has been an underrated fixture of the Twin Cities' music scene for several years. Their unique brand of psych/garage rock continues to evolve in the best of ways, ranging from 60's garage pop to a more expansive psych-influenced sound in recent years.    

Their latest album Hide and Seek is slated for release later this year on Pinata Records.

This Week's Playlist

Bora York “Let Loose” from Single

FIRE IN THE NORTHERN FIRS “Cat Mountain” from Live in Studio K 3/28/14

Prostate “Interm” from RIP VIP

Leisure Birds “Miner of Light” from Tetrahedron on Totally Gross National Product, Moon Glyph

Teeange Moods “Fools Wonder” from K Local

The Miami Dolphins “BRIGHT” from Neon and Foam

Ex Nuns “No Dice” from Radio K In-Studio

Mr Hide “Live In-Studio” from Live In-Studio

The Chambermaids “CHINA BLUE” from China Blue

HUSKER DU “Friend, You've Got to Fall” from Warehouse: Songs and Stories on Rhino/Warner Bros.

Dream crusher “Stacking Paper” from Radio K In-Studio

Astronomique “Pretend We're Stars” from Burning Stars Fade - EP on self released

Suzie “You Ain't Mine” from Suzie

HOT FREAKS “HEARTACHE” from Hot Freaks on Hot Freaks

Triangle “A Different Way” from City Pages Twin Town Music Yearbook Volume 4

Fix “Flash Flood” from K Local

Marijuana Death Squads “Sex Accident” from K-Local

Face Candy “TWO” from Waste Age Teen Land (Deluxe Edition) on Rhymesayers

Bear The Sound “Moonlight” from Hypnopomp

Me and My Arrow “L. A. Arrow” from EP 3

Surfer Girl “Cecilia” from BLUE LOVE

Hastings 3000 “SPEED OF LIGHT” from A New Monster on Bare Ass Records

Surco “Cleopatra” from Single

Tree Blood “Don't Wait” from Don't Wait - Single

Frankie Teardrop “Bling Item” from K Local


This Week's In-Studio: Shiro Dame

Shiro Dame is the new project of Sarah White (Black Blondie) and Rico Mendez (DJ Don Cuco)who recently moved back to the Twin Cities after a stint in Brooklyn.  They've been playing out a lot lately, and we can't wait for them to drop their debut album.  In the meantime, you can check out their first single "Crazy Ways" here.    

This Week's Playlist


Maeth “WOLVES” from K Local

What Tyrants “Hanging Out in Havana” from Single

United Teachers of Music “Endurance” from Single

Alpha Consumer “Step Sister” from Meat on Totally Gross National Product

White Boyfriend “Loup of You” from Twins - EP

The Drug Budget “Holly on Hash” from Disrespect

Narco States “Left Hand Right Hand” from Narco States EP on Piñata Records

Strange Relations “Very White Teeth” from K-Local on Sire

Moonstone Continuum “Elevator to the Hot Tub” from Salon Edition on Totally Gross National Product

Gloss “Whose Name?” from Between Themselves - EP on Forged Artifacts

Bouncer Fighter “Garbagemen of the Galaxy” from K Local

Danger Ron and the Spins “These Teeth” from K Singles

Nostrildamus “You Are Monster” from The Curse of Nostrildamus on Beastie Balls

L'Assasins “7pm” from L'Assassins S/T EP

Shiro Dame “In-Studio on Radio K” from In-Studio on Radio K

Marijuana Deathsquads “Vibrant Beast” from Oh My Sexy Lord on Totally Gross National Product

Guante + Big Cat! “DRAGONS” from An Unwelcome Guest on Tru Ruts Speakeasy Records

Def Kith “Twin Speak” from Def Kith

Crimes “Wide Eyes” from Radio K Instudio

Psymun “Blind (feat. Spooky Black & Bobby Raps)” from Pink Label on n/a

Fury Things “FOLLOW” from Single

HUSKER DU “Something I Learned Today” from Zen Arcade on SST Records

Tree Blood “Don't Wait” from Don't Wait - Single