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March 27, 2015

Apr 03, 2015

Tall Paul is one of the most impressive rappers to come out of the Twin Cities. The Minneapolis-based rapper skillfully writes smart songs that demand honesty. Paul's flow is impeccable, in English and Ojibwe. His beats often use surprising samples that bring listeners to a place of real truth. "Protect Ya Spirit," which he performed for us today, has a beat that features babies' laughter, video game-like sword swipes, and a sage warning to watch out for things that poison your soul. This song is a wakeup call that demands you take care of yourself and those around you, all over a beat that seriously bangs. Be on the lookout for Paul's new record, No Good Good Guy, to be released this summer. 

We also got to feature another group of impressive artists on today's show. Local experimental supergroup International Novelty Gamelan recently released their first vinyl, "Metalphonia," which features artists like Elaine Evans, Moonear Khan, and Kevin Cosgrove. The group uses Javanese gamelan instruments to create a cool, meditative space that completely transforms the rooms they fill up. Their release show was presented by the Six Families collective this past Monday at Icehouse, and also featured a drone band. 

Upcoming Events:

4/3: Burn Fetish on OTR

4/8: Tall Paul at UW-Oshkosh

4/9: Tall Paul at "Culture Shock" at Southwest MN State in Marshall, MN

4/10: Breakaway on OTR

4/10: Tree Blood Casette Release with Cool Dog, Vats, Pale Spectre at the Eagles Club

4/17: Cool Dog & Weakwick on OTR

In-Studio Videos:

Bae Tigre!!



Tree Blood!!!



Straight Panic!!!!



Fitness "Poison" from "Witness"

The Awful Truth "Lakewater" from "single"

Sun Na "Hudson" from "single"

Straya "Comma Spaceman" from "Healthy Steps"

Strange Names "Ricochet" from "Use Your Time Wisely" on Frenchkiss Records

Choral Reefr "3D Blue" from "Single"

Diva 93 "Heart is Heavy" from "Single"

Tall Paul "Live In Studio K!!" from "Live in Studio K!!"

ATMOSPHERE "Nothing but Sunshine" from "Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EP's" on Rhymesayers

Greg Grease "Work Song" from "Born to Lurk Forced to Work" on Sound Verite Records / River Life Media

Andrew Broder ft. Crescent Moon "Bad Hand" from "Single"

Br'er "Miracles of (Old Tide Version)" from "ECS 023: MAKE A STAR (Part Two: Glowing Soft)"

Jeremy Ylvisaker & JT Bates "Underling" from "ECS 023: MAKE A STAR (Part Two: Glowing Soft)"

God Jr. "Believer's Lament" from "ECS 023: MAKE A STAR (Part Two: Glowing Soft)"

Uranium Club "Sun Belt" from "Human Exploration Demo"

Val Son "Sundays" from "Single"

Autumn Kid "Specter (love letter)" from "Single"

Moving Parts "flow" from "Moving Parts - EP" on Luck Machine

Well "Andy" from "demos"

A Breakaway "The Crashers and the Snappers" from "Postcarious"

International Novelty Gamelan "Adding Machine" from "Metalophonia - EP" on Modern Radio Record Label

Animal Lover "Plasme" from "Guilt - EP" on Learning Curve Records