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May 16, 2014

May 20, 2014



This Week's In-Studio: Astronomique


Astronomique is a band from outer-space*. Described, somewhat aptly, as "space-wave" and "spacy dance music", I'm inclined to describe them as bubblegum darkwave in all the best of ways. This is what I want synthpop to sound like. Fronted by Logan Andra Fongemie (Satellite Voices) on vocals/keys and Sean Hogan (The New Monarchs) on guitar, Astronomique is making infectious, totally danceable electro-psych pop. Their debut EP, Burning Stars Fade, was released May 20th.  Fongemie is a talented visual artist and Astronomique is an effective extension of her psychedelic, 1960s space-age inspired art. Make sure to check out "Pretend We're Stars" remixed by local producer Sloslylove.



Astronomique's album release show is this Friday, May 23rd at Cause Spirits and Soundbar with BollywoodDan Mariska & The Boys Choir,  and DJ sets from Sloslylove.  9pm  21+


 *Not actually from outer-space



This Week's Playlist


Art-A-Whirl was a blur. I had to work my non-music-related job all weekend, but I still managed to catch Mark Mallman, Shiro Dame, BNLX, and Marijuana Deathsquads. There were probably around 15 other bands I wanted to see, but a girl's gotta make $$$.


We played new music from Leisure Birds' forthcoming LP slated for release this June on Totally Gross National Product, Haley Bonar's excellent new album Last War, Sativa Flats (a new project from local heavy-hitters Neil Weir and Chris Rose), Schoenburg (feat. members of Some Pulp), a new track from Frankie Teardrop, and music from Animal Lover's new album Guilt.


It was Amanda's last show- she's graduating and moving on to bigger and better things (congrats, girl!) and I'm going to miss her tons. She played some of her local favorites including Catbath, Baby Guts, Prissy Clerks, and The Wallets (killer Talking Heads-esque band from the '80s).


Prgrphs “Last Words: Kurt Russell” from You're Ridiculous (I Love You) on Plastic Leonard Music

Haley Bonar “Kill the Fun” from Last War on Graveface Records & Curiosities

Prissy Clerks “Bruise or Be Bruised” from Bruise of Be Bruised

Tungsten “Butchered” from Single

Leisure Birds “Waveforms” from Tetrahedron

Hardcore Crayons “100,000 Happy Meals” from Just for Grins

HOLLOW BOYS “Heartsick” from K-Local

Astronomique “LIVE IN STUDIO K” from !

ELITE GYMNASTICS “We Fly High” from Real Friends [EP]

Sonny Knight and and His Fabulous Lakers “Jucy Lucy” from I'm Still Here

Mayda “ALL I HAVE” from Busy Signals

Marijuana Deathsquads “Ewok Sadness” from Oh My Sexy Lord on Totally Gross National Product

Sun Gods to Gamma Rays “You Thought You Had It All” from The Water, The Wave - EP on Sun Gods to Gamma Rays

France Camp “Waste This Sun” from France Camp EP on Forged Artifacts

THE BLIND SHAKE “Call of the Hive” from Held Hostage RSD 2014 Comp

Shiro Dame “Crazy Ways” from Crazy Ways - Single on Shiro Dame

The Wallets “Totally Nude” from The Wallets (EP) on Vermillion

Courageous Endeavors “OKN” from Prototype

Schoenburg “Selfish Luvv” from s/t

Sativa Flats “Cha Cha” from s/t

Skoal Kodiak “Sciswell” from Kryptonym Bodliak on Load Records

Baby Guts “Tiny Cuts” from The Kissing Disease on Guilt Ridden Pop

Catbath “Bop, Ooo” from Small Time

Animal Lover “Plasme” from Guilt



Up Next:  Fort Wilson Riot

Don't miss Fort Wilson Riot live in-studio this Friday playing tracks from their new album trillllun, which is basically going to be in everyone's top five local LPs of 2014.  So good.     

Fort Wilson Riot