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Off the Record: Nov. 15, 2013

Nov 17, 2013

An in-studio with Hardcore Crayons, BNLX Fest weekend, and lots of music out of Ecstattic Studios

Hardcore Crayons - "Sarcasmic" Music Video from Northern Outpost on Vimeo.


This Week's In-Studio: Hardcore Crayons


This week, local prog-metal-dub trio Hardcore Crayons joined Off the Record in Studio K for no particular reason other than we think they fucking rip. They're playing a show Nov. 27 at Memory Lanes, but other than that, they haven't put anything out since Just for Grins back in June of last year. HOWEVER after that in-studio, we really really really hope they put out something soon, however. During their set, the sound booth was filled with a bunch of the K dudes tossing around things like "That drummer is a fucking G," "Dude the slap on that bass is incredible," and "These guys slay." And they do. Seriously.

This was also Emily's first interview as co-host of Off the Record, during which she asked them about all sorts of good stuff including their music videos like the one above. Dom, the (fretless) bassist, is super into video and came up with a lot of the ideas with the help of Northern Outpost, as you'll hear when we post the video from this in-studio in a couple of weeks. 

Hardcore Crayons

Hardcore Crayons is: Dom (Bass), Dan (Guitar), and Jake (Drums)


This Week's Set List: 

Holographic Sands “Take Off” from Water Bodies

Dream crusher “Stacking Paper” from Radio K In-Studio

Portrait of a drowned man “all the trees are dead” from EP

Human Kindness “Krishnaagain” from Single

The Soviettes “Blue Stars” from LP I

Diver Dress “Sleep” from Silence

Laos “Death” from The World of Laos

Hardcore Crayons “Live In Studio K” from Live In Studio K

Buildings “Mouthgift” from Hawks / Buildings Split 7"

Teenage Strangler “99 Potions” from Silas Be Ritchie and Brian Tairaku Ritchie / Teenage Strangler Split LP

BNLX “Opposites Attract” from Produit Collecte

Satellite Voices “Madame Confidential” from Scarlet Rays Of Future Echoes

Gloss “Whose Name?” from Between Themselves

Pina Cloud “For Shore” from Who Care

Sun Gods to Gamma Rays “Rise, Ascend” from The Water, The Wave - EP

Heaven on Howitzers “Conch Pistol” from Hum "I" Eternally at the Heart of the Universe

Stnnng “Texas Disco” from K-In-studio

Deleter “Kings and Queens of Sympathy” from 56789 EP

Wolf Mountain “Blood” from Laos/Wolf Mountain

Food Pyramid “Pacifier” from Ecstasy and Refreshment

Umami “Nails” from K Local Single

GAY WITCH ABORTION “Air Wonder Stories” from Radio K In-Studio

Teammates “MIAMI” from Single


We played a lot of stuff coming out of Ali Jaafar's (Hollow Boys) Ecstattic Studios this week including Diver Dress, who just released an 8-inch vinyl on Oct. 30, Heaven on Howitzers (one of Ali's many side projects), and Laos, a Cole Benson (Wolf Mountain, Tim Leick Jr., and Ali Jaafar trash punk project. That Wolf Mountain track comes off of a split tape the two bands put out back in February. 

We also heard a new single "Krishnaagain" from Human Kindness, a new band on the Minneapolis map comprised of four young punks, David Anderson (Bass, vocals), Willem Vander Ark (Guitar), Alex Brodsky (Guitar), and Josh Olson (Drums). They're in the middle of self-recording their first EP You Are So Loud That I Want To Die (a title I'm sure we all can appreciate) and will be putting it out sometime in the next month or so. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the single which will be released with a B-side in a couple of weeks. 

This weekend was also the two day BNLX fest! If you went, tweet us @radiokOTR to tell us how it was!


Coming Up Next Week: 



Live in Studio K in honor of their EP Release, Friday Nov. 22nd at the Nomad with Myotis and Bollywood. 

Don't Miss It.

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