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Off the Record: Nov. 8, 2013

Nov 10, 2013

A killer in-studio with France Camp, lots of Forged Artifacts talk, and much more.

France Camp S/T

This Week's In-Studio: France Camp

Fresh off their self-titled release, local surf, garage punk group France Camp joined us in Studio K to play four tracks off of the album, and became contenders for possibly the greatest in-studio polaroid in the history of Radio K.  This debut album was released Oct. 31 on Forged Artifacts and is the eighth overall release on the label, which also has signed Gloss, Holographic Sands, Prissy Clerks, and others. They played a house show Halloween night in celebration of both the release and the band's favorite holiday. Frontman France Camp (Jay Simonson) kindly reprised his pharoah costume from that night in Studio K (keep an eye out for photos and video because it was too good). The official CD Release with be December 14th at the 7th St Entry with Hollow Boys, Teenage Moods, and Frankie Teardrop. It's gonna f*cking slay. 

If you've been listening to Off the Record--or Radio K in general, for that matter--you've probably heard us playing their single "Waste This Sun" a considerable amount. The band opened the in-studio with the single, but closed their session with my favorite track off the album "My Warpaint." 




Some of the tracks on the album are fine-tuned versions of demos the band put out well over a year and a half ago, so if some of you are thinking, "Hold up, France Camp has definitely released stuff before," then you're partially right. This album is the band's first official release that they didn't record on a laptop and, instead, wisely took on the help of Ali Jaafar (Hollow Boys) and his recording studio, Ecstattic Studios here in Minneapolis. France Camp has really come a long way, what with different members, new bass lines, a slightly fuller but still dirty, lo-fi sound, and less hair on France and James, and more hair on Kyle. 

France Camp

France Camp is (left-right): France Camp (guitar, vocals), Dylan Rose (drums), Kyle Kimm (bass), and James Wolfeatens (guitar)

Check out all these magic links that'll take you to all sorts of good things:


Speaking of Forged Artifacts, the label is putting on their first ever showcase Nov. 23 at the Triple Rock!!! It's going to serve as the release for the new Gloss EP Between Themselves (off of which we've been playing the single) and will feature France Camp and Holographic Sands, who released their second EP Water Bodies at the beginning of October. We here at Off the Record are super stoked on all the things Forged Artifacts has been doing as of late. 




This week's playlist: 

BNLX “Opposites Attract” from Produit Collecte

PINK MINK “Seekin' Scott Seekins” from Pink Mink

Teenage Strangler “Kicking And Screaming” from Single

Flavor Crystals “Checker Board” from On Plastic

Frankie Teardrop “STOP” from Tough Guy

Zuzu's Petals “God Cries” from When No One's Looking

Total Trash “DADDY” from Performing LIVE In Studio K!

PHANTOM TAILS “All Your Cities” from Single

France Camp “Live In-Studio K” from Live In-Studio

Sean Anonymous “Hands High (feat. Tony Phantom & Truthbetold)” from Anonymo

Crimes “Thrifty Vultures” from K In-Studio

Red Daughters “Black Ice” from Single

Red Pens “Hung Out” from Reasons

Psymun “banani” from heartsick

Fort Wilson Riot “Yes Indeed” from Single

Mally “We All In” from Strange Rhythm

Hardcore Crayons “100,000 Happy Meals” from Just for Grins

The Miami Dolphins “Appear” from Miami Dolphins

Babes In Toyland “Ragweed” from Painkillers

Tickle Torture “Like Woah” from Spiritual Machete - EP

Animal Lover “Rumpus Room” from Live in K!!!

Cadette “Collecting Strayo” from Flesh Without Hunting

Gloss “Whose Name” from Between Themselves

HOLLOW BOYS “Saviour” from When You Think of Us, Pray for US

Dingus “SHRUNKEN HEADS” from Please Stand By

Gramma's Boyfriend “I Got This Feeling” from LIVE IN STUDIO K!!!!


This week, we also got the new BNLX EP and played the single "Opposites Attract" to kick off the episode. BNLX two-day fest is next weekend at Cause and will feature some of the artists we played this week like Frankie Teardrop, Pink Mink, Flavor Crystals, Gloss and (of course) BNLX, and some we didn't play like Wiping Out Thousands, Blue Sky Blackout and Two Harbors. It's gonna be so rad. 


Next Friday be sure to tune in for an in-studio with HARDCORE CRAYONS!!!!

Not only do their instrumental dub/prog metal tracks absolutely rip, but they've got the best and silliest music videos ever



Hardcore Crayons - "Sarcasmic" Music Video from Northern Outpost on Vimeo.

(Note: Watch Joram, bassist from Ex Nuns, get head-butted around 1:32)


So basically what I'm saying is you really don't wanna miss these guys' in-studio. 


Reminder to keep an eye out for past in-studio videos on this blog and on the Off the Record Facebook page and Twitter @radiokOTR Follow Us! 

If you are a local band and want us to check out your tunes, send a link or digital file to


See you next week