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Jun 30, 2015

If you dropped in to hang out with us on Friday, you may have noticed Scaphe came in to play some songs for us. Yes, it was a tad darker than we usually get, but that’s the good part. We love bringing variety to you, our dearest listener. Scaphe definitely brought it. I mean one song sounds black-metal, while another mellows out and comes out of the depths of the darkness that was just sonically created to give you something a little folky? Check out the video when it hits so you can see how these guys created such a dynamic instudio!

Next week Sister Species comes in to play, and Warehouse Eyes will be spinning some tunes with us in the booth as our guest DJs. It’ll be a packed show, limited messups (we hope. We’re not always perfect) and good music as always. Request some songs? Yea, call us? We love talking to you.


  1.  William Within "Fall into Her Uniform" from "Lost In Writing"
  2. TEENAGE MOODS "Rosebuds" from "Rosebuds"
  3. Suzie "Fantasy" from "Fantasy"
  4. Some Pulp "Oh Oh (Who's Cryin Now)" from "Some Pulp"
  5. Wretch "Reverse Cowgirl" from "Single"
  6. Yoni Yum "mother of a cop" from "GREATEST (cl)HITS"
  7. Swimsuit Area "Busybody" from "K Local June 2015"
  8. BOYF "She Doesn't Do Drugs" from "White Boyfriend"
  9. What Tryants "Feelin' Alright (I'm Okay)" from "No Luck"
  10. Panther Ray "Burning Palms" from "Burning Palms"
  11. Real Numbers "Ordeal" from "K Local"
  12. FishHeadFeast "Sasquatch Speaks" from "Single"
  13. The Miami Dolphins "Pucker Upper" from "Becky"
  14. Scaphe "Live from Studio K!!!" from "Live from Studio K!!!"
  15. PINK MINK "Seeking Scott Seekins" from "Live on Radio K"
  16. False "Saturnalia" from "Single"
  17. Black Market Brass "Big Muffler" from "Big Muffler / Snake Oil Man - Single"
  18. Bliss UK "3" from "Cassette"