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October 2021

Sun Gods to Gamma Rays

Nov 02, 2013

Minneapolis dreamy, atmospheric pop quintet Sun Gods to Gamma Rays joined us in Studio K for this week's episode in support of their new EP, The Water, The Wave.

Sun Gods to Gamma Rays


This Week's In-Studio: Sun Gods to Gamma Rays


Minneapolis dreamy, atmospheric pop quintet Sun Gods to Gamma Rays joined us in Studio K for this week's episode in support of their new EP, The Water, The Wave. They'll be playing a release show tonight, Nov. 2nd, at the Kitty Cat Klub.

We've been playing a single off the EP, "Burn Me Through," quite frequently on Off the Record, so it was extremely exciting to get them in-studio and hear some other tracks off of the EP. 


The band includes members Paul Flynn (guitar), Peter Bregman (Rhodes, Wurlitzer percussion), Brian Gollnick (bass), Mitch Miller (drums), and vocalist Brianna Kocka who also performs under the name CAETANI. 

I love this quote from their Facebook description, and after hearing them in-studio I don't think I could more eloquently word their sound:

With songs about the expansive cosmos, the depths of our human desires, or simply a call to return to a quieter life now forgotten, Sun Gods to Gamma Rays elicits a sense of nostalgia for a time that never existed. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for video and photos from this in-studio!

This week's set list: 

Gloss "Whose Name" from "Between Themselves" 
Moonstone Continuum "Smooth Odyssey" from "Salon Edition" 
Pony Trash "Submarine" from "Pony Trash - EP" 
Psymun & K.Raydio "Jupiter" from "Single"

Ex Nuns "No Dice" from "Radio K In-Studio" 
Strange "Graham" from "E.P." 
Hildur Victoria "Diamond Eyes" from "Herringbone - EP"

Sun Gods to Gamma Rays "LIVE IN STUDIO K" from "LIVE IN STUDIO K"

Lifter Puller "Nice, Nice" from "Fiestas & Fiascos (Deluxe Reissue Version)" 
Stnnng "New Black Hole" from "Smoke of My Will" 
Wolves "Maeth" from "Oceans Into Ashes" 
Wizards are Real "Stay Golden" from "Wizards Are Real"

France Camp "My Warpaint" from "France Camp EP" 
Bollywood "Hyoking" from "Ok Animal - EP" 
Sundowners "Blue Collar Salute" from "The Larger Half of Wisdom" 
Hardcore Crayons "Sarcasmic" from "Just for Grins"

Har Mar Superstar "Lady, You Shot Me" from "Bye Bye 17" 
THE GOONDAS "Dog Show" from "Dog Show" 
Tree Blood "Toe Cancer" from "Tree Blood - EP" 
Frankie Teardrop "Killed A Man" from "Tough Guy"

Teammates "MIAMI" from "Single" 
Some Pulp "WHY" from "Some Pulp" 
Kitten Forever "Black Ice" from "Pressure" 
Fire in the Northen Firs "Chatrooms" from "Of Bones and Things"


This week's episode was new host Emily's FIRST EPISODE EVER! So exciting. I can't wait to do the show with her for the rest of the year!

Along with a new co-host, Off the Record had some new local tunes including a single off of Gloss's upcoming EP Between Themselves that will be released on Forged Artifacts later this month. Also out on Forged Artifacts is the new France Camp EP! They released that at a Halloween-night house show and we played my favorite track, "My Warpaint," from the album. 

We also had new music from Poliça, a new single from Teammates (who will be joining us in-studio later this month), and Maeth.

I also attempted to re-live some past in-studios with tracks from Psymun & K.Raydio, Ex Nuns, Kitten Forever, Strange, and Frankie Teardrop, who came in last week and KILLED IT. Remember that you can go to to watch these over and over and over again until your brain melts.  


France Camp

These good-lookin' dudes. 

France Camp will be joining us in-studio in support of that new album I mentioned earler! It's being released on Forged Artifacts as I mentioned before, and we are super stoked to hang out and talk about the new album. 



Reminder to keep an eye out for past in-studio videos on this blog and on the Off the Record Facebook page and Twitter @radiokOTR Follow Us! 

If you are a local band and want us to check out your tunes, send a link or digital file to

Later alligators