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Monday: WE MADE IT!

Mar 03, 2014

The K Starter Campaign is over and guess what... WE MADE IT!!!


Normally on a Monday we would blog about what’s new to our library. The blog would probably say something witty (or at least attempt to) in the first paragraph before breaking down into a list of about 10 new albums we added and why you should like them. This is not a normal Monday however. Last week was our K Starter campaign, where we called upon you to donate to the K in order to keep us up and running, and for the first time in a long time… WE MADE IT!

            And we didn’t just make it: we crushed it! It was a glorious flood of generosity as the levee to your heart broke open and you poured your love into the K. Throughout the whole K starter campaign, we appealed to why you listen to Radio K, and what Radio K means to you. Radio K is special to everyone in some way, each reason as valid as the next, and each special enough to inspire a donation.

            At the end of the campaign, after I appealed to you and why you listen to the K, I realized that I never had the opportunity to explain what Radio K is to me, and why I am so touched every time someone supports us.

            I came to the U knowing about 5 people. Upon my arrival, it was constantly preached to me that I had to “get involved.” Join a club, be in a group, get on board. This motto surprised me in that it did not seem to advocate any individuality. Then I chanced upon Radio K. Here it seemed I could have my cake and eat it too. Radio K is a team of individuals: each diverse, quirky, and different. In Radio K I found a colony of people just a little off, just like myself. Radio K is non-judgmental, supportive, and fun. Working here gives me not only a purpose , but also “the only dependable source of joy in life,” as our Music Director Ross said recently.

            When you support Radio K you support so much more than “Real College Radio,” you’re supporting real college students, and the flood of support we got last week only validates that.

            Thank you for your support! Viva la K!