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September 2022

Infinitesimal Mouths Bore It Away (12/15/13)

Dec 15, 2013

In lieu of a fancy schmancy blog post about this week's show, just dig this poem:

The Want Poem by Robert Pinsky

The tongue of the waves tolled in the earth's bell.
Blue rippled and soaked in the fire of blue.
The dried mouthbones of a shark in the hot swale
Gaped on nothing but sand on either side.

The bone tasted of nothing and smelled of nothing,
A scalded toothless harp, uncrushed, unstrung.
The joined arcs made the shape of birth and craving
And the welded-open shape kept mouthing O.

Ossified cords held the corners together
In groined spirals pleated like a summer dress.
But where was the limber grin, the gash of pleasure?
Infinitesimal mouths bore it away.

The beach scrubbed and etched and pickled it clean. 
But O I love you it sings, my little my country
My food my parent my child I want you my own
My flower my fin my life my lightness my O.



Holy shit that poem man. Also, dig this excerpt of the liner notes from Alvin Curran's Shofar Rags, which we heard on this week's show.

"So when Jews first stood upright in the savannah they blew on their shofars, bobbed up and down, dropped stones, and praised lightning and thunder... everybody else ran for cover ... When noise, breath, speech and music were all the same. In those days c. 40,000 years ago, sea shells, human bones, animal horns and bamboo were the instrumentarium of the wind-section of the human big-band. On occasion they would jam in the great Rift Valley, or Nubian desert, in a club on the Nile or the Euphrates rivers or in some asteroid crater in Tajikistan. Roving groups of just a few, or hundreds, would meet by chance in these special locations—take out their beautiful ram, eland, kudu, gazelle, elephant, or argali horns and go for it."


This Week's Playlist: 

Abdullah Ibrahim “Good News, Swazi, Waya Wa Egoli” from Good News from Africa on Network

Ramsey Lewis “WADE IN the WATER” from 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: Best of Ramsey Lewis on Geffen* Records

Sister Rosetta Tharpe “DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE” from Blues Classics on Jazz Elite S.P.

Alvin Curran “Shin Far Shofar 1” from Shofar Rags on Tzadik

Bill Evans & Jim Hall “Dream Gypsy” from Undercurrent

Stan Tracey “No Good Boyo” from Under Milk Wood

CHARLES MINGUS “Taurus In The Arena of Life” from Let My Children Hear Music

Scott Fields Ensemble “...Nothing had been wrong with him and he spent more time than a year in a body cast being "tenderized" by a cannibal doctor...” from Denouement on Clean Feed

Stirrup “Insen for Yonsei” from Sewn on 482 Music

Fred Frith “The Slightest Shiver” from To Sail, to Sail on Tzadik

Heath Brothers “Warm Valley” from Marchin' On

Bud Powell “Comin' Up (Alternate Take)” from The Scene Changes: The Amazing Bud Powell vol. 5 on Blue Note

Bushman's Revenge “As We Used To Sing” from Electric Komle-- Live!

Nino Nardini “Afro-Syn” from MQLP-39

Sonny Clark “SPEAK LOW” from Sonny's Crib on Cool Note

Bester Quartet “HOPE” from Metamorphoses on Tzadik

Raymond Scott “Bird Life In The Bronx” from At Home With Dorothy And Raymond on Trunk Records

Diamond Terrifier “The Subtle Body Wears a Shadow” from The Subtle Body Wears a Shadow on Terrible Records