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October 2022

Anthony Fantano flip-flops on Vaporwave

Jul 05, 2015

And a happy 5th of July to all! I gotta say, this was a good show. If anyone has ever reached nirvana, it was me during “Born In The U.S.A.” slowed down to 33 rpm. Holy moley buckets. Too darn good! The last song of the show was a great mashup of “Hip to be Square” and the theme from Slam Jam. Enough about that. What’s new in vaporwave? Well it seems like Anthony Fantano is changing his position on vaporwave (he gave Floral Shoppe a 4/10) with the release of his latest podcast dedicated exclusively to the genre. Typical Fantano, first he hates it, then he watches a documentary on it, and now he sees it as some sort of cultural phenomenon. I say pish posh. The day “cultural anthropologists” study vaporwave is the day that I’m hopping off the vaporwave bandwagon. Or at least saying I’m hopping off the vaporwave bandwagon. Not that I was ever on it.

  1. Maphead - Track 6 (4th of July, Fireworks, Hotdogs on the Grill) --- Song Stuff

  2. MKULTRA - あなたの心を開き、 --- I'm Finally Here: 超越

  3. Leslie & Betsie - sola ~soy especial~ --- TU VIDA DE MIERDA

  4. 放射性Hi5 - 広大なUrban Environment --- 9​.​0水面下Megathrust

  5. [PHYSICS] - Not Even Real

  6. Perla Blue - Chlorophyll Shrine --- Foresight 歴史

  7. Putrescent - 太陽への道 --- Doubt 疑い

  8. Universitat de Barcelona - Virtual Campus™ --- Art アートギャラリー Gallery

  9. 1057TAPE - Big-Beat --- LOVELY SOUNDS [midi minute]

  10. American Dialogues - Text to Speech Hey babe, we still on for drinks tonight --- A Life in Advertising

  11. ECO VIRTUAL - Ultraviolet --- ATMOSPHERES 第4

  12. VAV-31 - Shine & Bliss --- Selections for the Evening

  13. American Online - Startup --- Enterprise

  14. Default Browser - Default Browser: Side A --- Tonight at 8

  15. Butch Willis - あなたがwalk必要以上 --- 它只是一只猫手掌万岁 {{{LOCAL}}}

  16. Careless Messenger Recordings✆ (division under Comtex) - B1 (Sleep Therapy) --- Suddently Mega

  17. Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A. --- Born In The U.S.A.

  18. Dan Mason - 囚人 --- 金

  19. 「APOLLON동상」 - VIRTUAL SEX --- 분위기
    napollon statue --- atmosphere

  20. רעטראָ Jazz ناد - ): COME BACK 憧れ S N U F K I N :( --- S N U F K I N™ वाम, N£VER TO REターン
    retro jazz

  21. Le Ruse Bird - Hip to Slam Jam --- BAVI NATION