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September 2022

Danger: High Art Enclosed

Sep 07, 2015

Thank you Pussykrew

Well even though we had a catastrophic equipment failure within the first 10 minutes of the show, we powered through and everything turned out alright in the end. Anyway, as always death’s dynamic shroud.wmv is putting out great stuff and please listen to it and the rest of that compilation album because it is great. Also, if you are a vinyl collector, there is only eight days left to order that 2814 vinyl through Dream Catalog. They do ship worldwide too so if you don’t live in the UK you can still get it.

In other news, Peter is going to host Basement Vinyls along with his brother, Will. If you like this show, then you will probably also like Basement Vinyls. This is because if you like vaporwave, you probably like slightly challenging music.
With Love - The Waiting Room


  2. Lenticular Clouds - Osiris --- HEALTH GODS
  3. Macintosh Plus - Untitled --- FLORAL SHOPPE
  4. Mark Isham - Men Before the Mirror --- Vapor Drawings
  5. Penthouse Apartment - Vapore Italiano --- Pirlo
  6. white marino - snowbored kids --- into the light
  7. yung rasmus - c418 - alive (yung rasmus edit) --- music is dead and we killed it
  8. 식료품groceries - Aisle 5 (Moonlight, Urban Skylines, and Rapid Eye Movement) --- 슈퍼마켓Yes! We're Open
  9. Knifight - Fell In Love (With a Cyborg) 45 on 33
  10. Karen Weatherly - Fellow Travelers of Awareness --- A Separate Reality
  11. Nights in Saturn - drive - desire
  12. Luca Venezia - Venus Crying --- The Last Defender
  13. PACIFICO CORP/国際 - ITALOスーパー商業音楽 --- 観光ヨーロッパ
  14. futurebandit / WORLDGRINDER - DEPARTURE; seaworld --- プラスチックの世界
  15. Schizoid - white girls and their fucking bubble tea --- Avon
  16. Stereo Voices - Midnight Arcade --- イルカ
  17. Trademarks & Copyrights - Cool --- Little Conversations 
  18. 80%baul - &PIRRI& --- 80%baul - un hoMBre decadden)/%.te
  19. death's dynamic shroud.wmv - Sugar Crystals --- 死と音楽の復活
  20. Discobear - September Funk --- Fiji Funk EP
  21. eleven eastern - Fur Klaus --- Caso Mai
  22. EUGLOSSINE - Complex Playground (Nico Niquo Remix) --- REMIX PLAYGROUND