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September 2022

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Dec 20, 2015

Nothing better than a little bit of post-black Friday mallsoft

Damn! It’s been another great week in The Waiting Room! We played a bunch of Christmas vapourwave and it was pretty Chirstmasey up in here. In other news, next week we will be having the best of 45 on 33 show. We’ll take the best 45 records we’ve played all year and play them in case you haven’t been listening every week. It’s our last show before the new year and we think you’ll really like it. Anyway, what was your favorite vapourwave release of 2015? Tell us in the comments!

the classic


  1. Macintosh Plus “LISA キャロ 420” from FLORAL SHOPPE: CHRISTMAS VERSION
  2. モールFUTURE-PAST “The Brightly Lit Christmas Tree” from Christmas at Crystal Valley Mall
  3. HKE “Radioaktiv” from Apocalypse
  4. Early Access Digital “Toothsome” from Level II
  5. Jeff Hobbs? “Christmas Case (Green Day)” from The True Meaning of Christmas
  6. Dorkwave “Drunk As Hell Smashing Bells” from No Xmas For John Key
  7. Laurin ja Lauran Joulukalenteri “Kolmas luukku” from 2015
  8. エルエスLS45 “破壊オートマトンを愛し420/69前クリスマMY HEART” from 破壊オートマトンを愛し420/69前クリスマMY HEART
  9. Village People “In the Navy” from Go West In the Navy
  10. 猫 シ Corp. “Portland” from Late Night Stereo
  11. The Caretaker “Mental caverns without Sunshine” from Mental caverns without Sunshine
  12. 骨架的 “water” from Holograms
  13. Stef Animal “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” from No Xmas For John Key
  14. 骨架的 “sewer” from Skeleton
  15. Köshrimp “vestibule vestibule” from Métapolis - Département Isolation Temporelle
  16. ΣƶɦĂk “新しい恋” from Friendship 友情 EP
  17. モールFUTURE-PAST “Cheap Plastic Decorations” from Christmas at Crystal Valley Mall