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October 2022

The Midi Minute

Apr 05, 2015

As always, many things happened during your visit in the waiting room. You probably noticed that the two hosts of the show switched up the music they talk over. Don’t worry. Their vinyl is safe. They decided to mix things up a bit since it was the holiday known to many as Easter. Being that it was Easter, the hosts played some pagan satanic witch house music in solidarity for all who do not recognize Easter. The show hosts also added a new segment on the show called the “Midi Minute,” a segment that you may hear more of in the future. The “Midi Minute” is a segment which midi files are put into DAWs and then the midi data is assigned to either a default “voice” or chosen by the producer. For those who don’t know too much about midi data, think of it, in this case, like a digital score of music. A lot of midi data is created by taking sheet music and digitizing it. In a nutshell, midi data is sterile and non musical- a direct computer interpretation of the sheet music. A local track by the artist MF Duck was played. The hosts of The Waiting Room would like to wish you a happy Sunday.

  1. waterfront dining – paradise vacations --- Smiley 笑う

  2. 夏休みSplash波80 – D A N C E --- DEEP庭

  3. 新しいコンピュータのOS 98 – Deep --- 2

  4. ⊛ われらは平和に来る≌≟ SUNSHINE STATE SECURITY – Reverie of Toes --- ⓫:⓭

  5. Jigsaw EKG - +-

  6. TELOZKOPE - ⋋ ghost Ⅾ Λ Ƞ Ⅽ Ƹ ⋌ --- Soft Cyclone


  8. MF Duck – Get You

  9. Jessica Lea Mayfield - Our Hearts Are Wrong (45 on 33)

  10. a t l e r – Ecstaséa --- Ecstaséa

  11. SEA MOUNTAINS – Indian Summer --- Florescence EP

  12. New Coke - ダンス「YOU CAN DANCE 」--- New Coke

  13. Tritest Man – Oops I Did It Again --- Trite and the Genesis

  14. 骨架的 – skeleton --- Skeleton

  15. オオカミ1987を殺す – 93 Biscuit Ave --- Memory Tapes

  16. [product] – At Midnight --- Her Ghost

  17. galaxyland - ▲ † いくつかを見て mtv ۞ ▲ --- ▽▽フランクリン regional ▽▽

  18. Google Glass – Step 2 --- Google Glass Remembers the iPod Classic

  19. Cobalt Road – Suite Apartment

  20. Invisible Robot Hands – Translucent Telephone --- VAPE420FUCKYOU

  21. † BLΔCK WRIST † - Blue (eiffel 65) --- WITCH HOUSE 90s MEGAMIX

  22. James Ferraro – Starbucks,Dr. Seussism, And While your Mac is Sleeping --- Far Side Virtual