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October 2022

Ultra low viewed videos

Feb 01, 2016

Paul was the first person in the world to watch this video of a rotating truck

On the end-of-the-month edition of the Waiting Room, we discussed how mallsoft was slowly becoming the new vaporwave, as the genuine aesthetics of the music of abandoned malls seems to be more appealing than the tongue-in-cheek critique of commercialism with a cyberpunk theme. What could be more representational of such a critique than an abandoned mall, the very definition of crumbling capitalism? What about the music drives people to it? Could it be that the music really only plays in the stores, prompting you to buy and begging you not to leave? Go to your nearest mall and listen to the music that they play. Why are they playing it? Where's the Muzak I was promised? 
Also coming to our attention is the website, which sounds like a website you probably wouldn't want to click on at work. It is actually a single-serving site that combs the YouTube depths and finds videos that have zero views, making you the very first person to see that video. We experienced it and found a video of a car with no sound. Check it out right here. If you find something remotely vaporwave, congratulations. You've experienced art that no one has seen before, almost like discovering a cave for the first time, or maybe walking into a condemned mall that hasn't seen human contact in several years. The Muzak still buzzes in the background, an eerie soundtrack as you grab all the coins you can grab with your tiny hands from the dried up water fountain. After all, there might be some Crystal Pepsi still left in there. 
Oh, and Peter made this. 


  1. モールFUTURE/PAST “Consumer Paradise” from Welcome to Crystal Valley Mall
  2. COLA可樂巫術NECROMANCY “✓ Seen Wed 4:34am” from Nice Carpentry
  3. Isoternal “r9k” from sadgurlz2157
  4. Dan Mason ダン·メイソン “Night Drive” from Miami Virtual
  5. STΛQQ ƟVERFLƟ “Digital // Citadel” from SΛCRED GRƟVE ƟNLINE
  6. Dr. Mobius “ソマリアキャンディマンは // 買い物に行くために良い感じ!” from Inodiurlino
  7. Fred Sofa “Internship” from Deep Feelings
  8. Virtual Home System “タイトルなし” from Why Do You Think It All Happens On The Outside
  9. Alex Rossi “Je Te (Re) Prends [Mix]” from Je Te Prends (feat. Inès Olympe Mercadal) - Single
  10. Dream Coast Industries “Cybertopia” from Intranet Utopia
  11. CVLT BEATS “Continuum” from CLOVD RAP TAPE VOL. I
  12. LILA TIRANDO A VIOLETA “The Chain *” from G O L D E N / R A T I O volumes 1 & 2
  13. James Burton “Cyrulean Oceans Ltd.” from Light Experimentation | Volume 1
  14. “The モラリスト Mall Ocean” from World Wide Web
  15. Early Access Digital “Start” from Level I
  16. Early Access Digital “End” from Level I
  17. Android Caustic 3, Korg M1 “1986” from 1986
  18. STΛQQ ƟVERFLƟ “Network Intrusion” from VIRULENCE
  19. LAZERドリーマー “TOKYOライト” from ピンク・ムーンMIDNIGHT
  20. Pizza For Face (بيتزا كباب) “mismar” from Candles On The Screen
  21. Mediafired “Pepsi Van” from The Pathway Through Whatever
  22. LifeMod “G1” from G
  23. SPACE MAGIC スペース マジック “ロンリーアンドロイド” from 98' Waves