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October 2022

Is Vaporwave the fanfiction of music?

Apr 24, 2016

While the microphones were off, Paul and Peter talked about Paul’s recent faure into the medium of fanfiction -- an original written work about a certain universe, usually based off of a movie or TV show. And while Paul was hesitant to discuss which movie he was currently infatuated with, it did beg the question into whether or not vaporwave itself follows the same format as fanfiction.

Just by the definition itself, there are several similarities. The vaporwave genre was originally conceived by several chopped and screwed songs being reorganized to make entirely new pieces of work. Vaporwave has also been described as being a part of the idea of a dystopian alternate reality, with very cyberpunk themes. Just like fanfiction, this work diverges from the path and creates a new future, a possible series of events.

Even the reasons why fanfiction and vaporwave are made are related. Fanfiction is created because the people who consume the media genuinely adore the characters and universes they are based off of. There’s a desire to see more of the characters or universe, and because there isn’t any immediate new content, they create their own. This is fairly common. In vaporwave, people hear a certain new track, they hear a new sound or a new idea and they’re influenced by that work. Where would some of our favorite vaporwave artists be if it weren’t for the likes of Chuck Person’s “Eccojams Vol. 1” or Macintosh Plus’ “Floral Shoppe?”
Who are we as people if we can’t draw inspiration from the works of others?


  1. Bonnie Danza “I Think You Know” from I Think You Know
  2. Gran Turismo “An Empty Garage” from Super GT
  3. DJ CUMTF “POSSUM LODGE にようこそ” from POSSUM LODGE にようこそ
  4. El teorema de los memes “Cuando dice “te vas” se refiere a morir” from El vaporwave ya pasó de moda
  5. Santa Paz “Iberia” from SSSSSiro (v2)
  6. Victor Delta “d o p p l e r e f f e c t” from d o p p l e r e f f e c t - Single
  7. GreyscaleSound “N e c t a r” from D o l p h i n
  8. LifeBuilder “Hotel Lobby” from JRPG Town
  9. Ednaswap “Please Mr. Postman” from 45 on 33
  10. Waterfront Dining “shadows & green” from The Valley
  12. Cobalt Road “Blue Skies” from Purgatory
  13. ClearVisionDream Production “vii” from Library Chronicles: VII
  14. JINZO THE TRAP LORD “⍟ファイヤー⍟ /// MOLTRES (Meta World Peace Future Screw Edit)” from ☬S†R8 F☈♏ ☨♓∆ G☈∆♅∑☫
  15. ロフト Tapes “馬鹿 i d i o t” from Tronic カセット