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September 2022

Virtual Music for Real Friends

Nov 22, 2015

Robert Siegel

Been a pretty good week in the Waiting Room. Low energy music lead to low energy talking, but things were still nice. We played a great remix of the All Things Considered theme song which absolutely tore the house down. It isn’t every day that you get to hear that. Well, unless you know if its existence and then you could hypothetically listen to it every day. It doesn’t matter though, the days are getting shorter and the bright lights of the Virtual Plaza still shine with regular intensity. One day we will all get to meet the Plaza Master and greet the Plaza Master with a handshake. Until that day comes, please continue sitting.

this is really good

Till next time, stay vaped.


  2. Comanche '88 “Star Lit Drift” from Jeep Jams Vol. 1
  3. 桃 [Peach] “Welcome to Rome (feat. Blank Banshee)” from The Fall of Rome
  4. 猫 シ Corp. “A01 SECRETS OF MY AGE [with ローマンRoman]” from Class of ‘84
  5. Crazy Frog “In The 80's (Isoternal Remix)” from Different Sleep
  6. Justin Bieber “What Do You Mean (Ojos de vaca - Vaporwave Mix)” from What Do You Mean
  7. Kierious “K:/Documents/Abilify.pdf” from Hard Drive Life (Cerddoriaeth y meddwl afiach)
  8. APPolo “I'm so alone” from Rockwell
  9. Elahn “S-E-X-Uality” from 45 on 33
  10. 全日本空輸 Co. Ltd. “受託手荷物” from 空港のための音楽 MUSIC FOR AIRPORTS
  11. Partyskull “NPR All Things Considered REMIX” from NPR All Things Considered REMIX
  12. Phantom “重大な過ち” from 重大な過ち
  13. PALMCO “‘0013’” from PALMCO // SINGLES // RELEASES
  14. Starfruit “all that she wants” from single
  15. Comanche ‘88 “Heated Seats” from Jeep Jams Vol. 1
  16. Pseudobread “$ :) $ :( $” from Minimal Surface
  17. RØBØTAISEN “ジェネシスボルネ” from ジェネシスボルネ
  18. StackTracer& “Relax Your Mind” from Relax Your Mind
  19. Skygrand “Lobby” from Midnight Special EP
  20. Early Access Digital “End” from Level I
  21. Penthouse Apartment “La Regista” from Pirlo
  22. WTF.FM “[''' 7 2 0 P ~ S T A R S] ~S~W~A~L~E~MX~” from AUDA都市