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September 2022

The Waiting Room - Jock Rock Special

Feb 01, 2015


Another absolutely fun show this week. We played a lot of great tunes and talked about a lot of very interesting things. We added a new segment called Sub-genre Spotlight where we closely examine a Sub-genre of Vaporwave. Because our show was during the Super Bowl, what better way than to start out with Browave. We played Radarange's soon-to-be essential browave track "All X't Lonah" from βroΣ_Χ.Browave mainly focuses on the stereotypical "Bro," a young man who wears Sperry Top-Siders, backwards Ralph Lauren baseball hats, wishes he drove a Porsche, pronounces Porshe like "porsh," and only drinks Keystone Light. From there, it's just adding the Vaporwave aesthetic to "bro" artists like Sammy Adams and Sage the Gemini. "And when you know that you have those strong arms around you, that's when you build unity. That's when you become a brother."

We also heard music from Joint Venture, is a project of Guy Dagul, the man who originally composed the theme music for the BBC/DK Eyewitness nature videos. We don't think that Joint Venture is trying to be Vaporwave, but it fit very well into our playlist. We also played some other music that wasn't trying to be Vaporwave but was. We stumbled upon Toy Invention's Best of Corporate Volume 1, a royalty free album that you can own for only 108 United States dollars.That's actually a pretty good deal for royalty free music, especially with this many tracks. But if any corporation bought this, it's not hard to picture corporate drones cringing at the choice of music. Don't get us wrong, it's a fantastic album but you gotta listen to it as you would Far Side Virtual. Speaking of corporate, we also spoke of the BUSINESSMAN EP by БИЗНЕСМЕН. It's a nice little EP of PowerPoint presentation warm-up jams priced for the humble vice-president of sales. At $800, it really is a steal.

Next week we will have a guest DJ from the nearby KAUG. Yes that's right, the host of JAHN JAMS will be picking out some of his favorite Vaporwave tracks. Perhaps we will even have a new Sub-genre Spotlight too. Who knows what it will be. Maybe CORP.wave?

If you have any requests or are a Vaporwave artist or label or fan, hit us up and we'll play some of your tracks. That's what it's all about after all. Finally, we played our first two theme song submissions for our theme song contest. Get your entry in by Wednesday! 

That's  all  for  now!あなたは、スレーブドローンです


  1. bbrainz - luxury from internet lust
  2. esc 不在 - surf from midi dungeon
  3. ESPRIT 空想 - ESPRIT 空想 from
  4. Disko-ions - Woodpeckers & DX7s from Bird Blender C30
  5. 夏休みSplash波80 - 中 from Д Е Т С Т В О
  7. Vaperror - Krystal GB from Mana Pool
  8. Vandelay Creative Graphics - YOUR LOOK from THE BUSINESS IS
  9. The Smiths - How Soon is Now? (45 on 33)
  10. 情報デスクVIRTUAL -街へSAPPORO✔✔✔ SPRING EQUINOX from 札幌コンテンポラリー
  11. チェスマスター - HOTEL from NIGHT DRIVE
  12. Joint Venture / Guy Dagul - Deep C from In The Greenhouse
  13. Radarange - All X’t Lonah from βroΣ_Χ
  15. GRAPE TEQUILA - ♡W ii ♡音楽大好き from PURPLE WΔVEZ​.​png
  16. Nouveau Life™ - 回転ビジョン = 新しいビジョン from New World™
  17. Oneohtrix Point Never - Up from Replica
  18. Rez x Oscob - Lilith from Tech Support
  19. Pyravid - Fortune 500 from GooglePlex BioNetwork
  20. Blank Banshee - Wavestep from Blank Banshee 0
  21. ローマンRoman - 仮想の夢 VIRTUAL DREAMS from PARADISE
  22. g h o s t i n g - Channel 2 from Telenights
  23. Tijuana Nights - Sarandon  from Tijuana Nights