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September 2022


Feb 08, 2015

We played plenty of great tracks as John and Oskar from KAUG’s JAHN JAMS co-hosted. We added a new installment of the first and last ever Yung Spotlight, a segment where we play songs by artists that have the word Yung in them. Where did the word Yung come from? Who cares. That’s the entire point of Vaporwave anyway. We played a song that we universally agreed was the most Patrician song we have played thus far. Old Booth’s “windoes exp has crashd pls istnall windoes ME” from Internet Business Connection was going hard man. It seems like throughout the album, Mr. Old Booth went a step beyond chopped ‘n screwed and forced some very great samples to become almost unlistenable. But check it out if you are into difficult listening Vaporwave. We later got into some of John’s picks for the show. During that period of time we talked about sushi. Not the James Ferraro album, (that’s what sparked the conversation) but the food. Oskar being from Washington state has eaten his fair share of the stuff and had some stiff commentary on how much of the sushi we eat is too Americanized. Something about spicy mayo?

On our 45 on 33 segment, we played Electric Light Orchestra’s classic “After All.” Sure was a beaut! We are running out of 45s already but we will make sure to have another one for next week!

This also marks the third week in a row that we have played a song that features sounds from the Wii. Actually, two songs this week sampled stuff from the Wii so maybe we can take a pass next week. Until next time, see you later.


  1. Digital Resort - Waiting Room from 最大弛緩

  2. JM DROWZEE - COM.INTERNET.WWW 振り返るいけない from D E M O W A V E .​.​.​.​. V O L 1 

  3. Old Booth - windoes exp has crashd pls istnall windoes ME from Internet Business Connection

  4. PCのMuseum - XXTU from Fashion

  5. Metallic Ghosts - It Never Rains in SkyTower from SkyTower 2032

  6. VHS Dreams - Meet her at the Plaza プラザで彼女に会う from North Point Mall ノースポイントモール

  7. TOYOTAセリカ - Wingard Hall from Summer Breeze

  8. Veracom - Distance from -Ëí∏Ê∞ÅE

  9. ELO - After All (45 on 33)

  10. Shima33 - Jichael Mackson from NO

  11. James Ferraro - Solar Panel Smile from Far Side Virtual

  12. Miami Vice - Palm Haze from Palm Haze

  13. YUNG OEDIPUS - 連れ込み宿のインターネット

  14. YUNG KAWAII - 歓迎 [へようこそ] 「C O R P U !」


  16. Young Muslim - Manager from Dasani Goddess Americana

  17. Bittertv - 天国 Anthem from archived location


  19. Infinity Frequencies - Half Life from Computer Afterlife

  20. 情報デスクVIRTUAL - TUSCANY背筋に対して「NEO SPA」from 札幌コンテンポラリー

  21. 18 Carat Affair - Makes Me Laugh from Pleasure Control

  22. ショッピングワールドjp - TIDAL TREAT from WINNER’S CIRCLE

  23. Soul コントローラ Enterprises™ - マネートークン - 魂コントローラ

  24. Topaz Gang - Sleep with the Door Open from

  25. Chilodisc -on セ餃子 + 水々- 群馬ハイヌーン Gunma High Noon

  26. fuji grid tv - warm life / legs from prism genesis

  27. VHS Logos - Golden Eras from Mantra