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Radio K takes SXSW 2018: Day Four

Mar 19, 2018

We though that we had become as exhausted as we possibly could on day 3, but day 4 proved
that we could be even more tired. With all the walking, late nights, and long hours of trying to
work as we attended the festival, the three of us were beyond tired. Despite this, we woke up
excited for the day. It was the day that I would be speaking at the South By conference and I
was extremely excited to do so. The day featured several sessions about College Radio and I
spoke on a panel about bringing college radio into the digital age. As the music director at Radio K,
I’ve had the opportunity to meet lots of people in the music industry from across the country
and during College Radio Day I had the chance to meet a lot of them. It was rewarding to
connect faces with emails and it made me even more excited to continue building those
relationships when we got back. Jeyca and Darby were able to get daypasses for the College Radio
panels as well, and we all gained great insight on the industry.


That night Co-Sign, a music promoting agency, was presenting a showcase on a rooftop. We
knew it would be one of the last times we would have a chance to connect with some of the
people we had come to know in Austin and some really great artists were playing. We had a
chance to see Miles Francis, Sneaks, Mint Field, Girl Ray, and our hometown pride: Dessa. It was
a perfect show to close out the evening with and after her set Jeyca had a chance to sit down with
Dessa and talk a bit about her career, music, and experiences as SXSW. This final night of South
By happened to fall on Saint Patrick’s Day and the streets were packed. It seemed like the
whole city of Austin poured onto 6 th Street, looking for anything to do. From the rooftop where
the show was we were able to take in all this chaos without having to be a part of it, which was
ideal for the 3 of us considering how tired we were.


We left the show case at a little after one and stopped to grab a snack at VooDoo donuts across
the street. Voodoo is a 24 hour place and we wanted a chance to experience the shop before
we headed out, on top of that, we all really wanted something sweet. By the time we got back
to the hotel it was after 2 and we had to get our stuff together quickly to head to the airport. I
definitely wouldn’t recommend pulling an all-nighter on the final day of South By, but we
scurried to the airport, got to our gate on time, and had a chance to reminisce on some of the
hits and misses of the past few days. If you’ve been keeping up with our trip, you know there
are plenty of funny stories and those stories became a whole lot funnier when we were
completely sleep deprived in the Austin airport at 5 am. Overall, South By was one of the most
fast paced and exciting things we've participated in the music industry. We feel so lucky to have had
the chance to connect with so many different artists, promoters, record labels, and radio
people. SXSW is the only even that puts all of these people in one place. I speak for the
three of us in saying that it was an incredible experience that we were really lucky to share with
you, the people of Radio K. We know the connections we built and artists we learned about this
week will carry over long after all the food trucks have pulled away from 6 th Street. I’ll close this
blog post with a sleepy but happy: Yeehaw!

-Maddie Schwappach

Photos by Darby Ottoson / Audio by Jeyca Maldonado-Medina